Horrendous live view

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I contacted support asking for old back as I cannot use the new view.

They have done nothing.  Today I cannot even get into support.

In short..  come Monday I will be exporting all my products and using a different platform.  How could they roll out this complete failure the day before black Friday.

Shopify seems to think it's their way or no way..  Well lets see how good their changes are when they have no customers left.

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This live view is a disaster - we have now stopped using the feature because it is impossible to see what is going on.  Please give an option for the old style view.  If it was easy to switch to another website platform with ease we would seriously do it and I definitely would not recommend Shopify to anyone at the moment.  This is a huge backward step.  Is anyone at Shopify listening?


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I never venture in to the forum and have come in today just to complain about this terrible update.  It is impossible to see what is going on now.  100% would not recommend Shopify to anyone at the moment. It is impossible to see where visitors are in the world unless you know every inch of the globe - there are no country or US state identifiers.  It is just AWFUL.

We have now stopped using Live View as it is totally infuriating.


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OK so I guess nobody's listening or cares. Let's face it, we all know reverting back to old version would be a very simple step.

Maybe we can help each other find alternatives to Shopify?

So what are the alternatives that offer better live view functionality to the completely unusable version offered by Shopify today?

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I can confirm feedback on this topic is being captured and shared with our product team for review and consideration. 

We have a feedback loop in place where supporting staff in the community will seek to understand, and triage feedback accordingly. Our product teams can then access this feedback, review, and determine the next steps. To set expectations it's unlikely a developer is going to participate in this topic. Similar to our feedback loop we work together so they can focus on development work, whereas myself and others who manage this community will communicate here as information is made available.

You can have confidence that your feedback and feedback others have shared is being seen and heard internally Thank you again everyone for your feedback - when there is more information @TyW and I will update this thread but rest assured all feedback is being captured.

Nick | Community Moderator @ Shopify 
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Dear Nic

Thank you for posting a reply. This is the first and I hope the last time I ever have to use the Community forum.
Firstly the timing of this launch was terrible.
Why were we not offered the choice to stay with the Blue version of the original Live View. The green is very un-appealing.
We have 6 sites with teams of staff monitoring the Live View as an active view on what is happening with the sites. We are selling in 40 countries, so trying to spin the globe is hopeless, I want to see the world as per the original display.
The 3D globe is absolutely terrible, Not fit for purpose. The grey map is unusable with no definition, grey and washed out. A entry level programmer could do better.
No Country names when you hover over a country.
The globe loads far too slowly, Live online clients do not display correctly.
The update of who is coming online and what stage they are at appears to have disappeared.
An absolute must for us is the interactive Graph showing the three stages of the buying process with these rising and lowering.
The number of pages being viewed has lost it scale markings.
I am really not sure your developers understand what this Live View is used for. They have turned into some sort of 3D game.
Please get rid of this version, it is truly useless.


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Forget it ever being turned back.  This message from Shopify Support makes it clear to me they have no intentions of doing it hence im leaving Shopify.

I am sending you this email to let you know that your concern is not taken for granted. With regards of getting back to the older version of our live view in analytics, I am afraid that we have no option for that as of the moment. You aren't alone in this. Do not worry, I'd be happy to raise this request with our developers to see if this can be added in the future. While I can't guarantee that it will be added, I'm more than happy to pass along your suggestions that would provide better services to the Shopify platform. If the request is already there, I can add to it to bump it up - as the more merchants that mention a feature, the more likely they are to be implemented.

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Every change made to live view has made it worse!

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Another vote for a horrendous change, I guess Shopify's license on the old version expired - and this is cheaper? - can't see any advantage at all.

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And I got nearly same response but with a tiny bit of hope?

I would like to set your expectation that since this new look has already
been rolled out to all the merchants in the platform, there is currently no
option to switch back to the old UI. However, this option that you are
looking for to switch back to the old UI just for the Live View, if not the
whole store admin's new look, is definitely a great idea so that merchants
like you can have more flexibility on what works best for them. Most of the
new features we have was born from this Shopify-Merchant partnership. I'll
go ahead and send this over to our developers and product team so they can
take a look at all it's possibilities of adding this option to at least
change the Live View to 2D again.

I just want to set expectations here that we are unable to provide an ETA
on when this will be added to the platform since it would still undergo
further review but rest assured that your feedback will be taken into