Horrendous live view

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Also, I'm still shocked they launched something onto their.customer base with zero option of opt-ing out of it on THEIR BIGGEST WEEKEND of the YEAR! They have been shoving BFCM down our throats since at least June! Constantly trying to get us to sign up for their high fee working capital loans. Piss poor execution and TERRIBLE timing!!


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I am located in Thailand and sell across SE Asia. I used the previous live view to see locations of people on website. the new live view is impossible to use and MUST be fixed

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I agree, the globe is very poorly designed, I can’t see UK and USA at the same time, having to scroll to see customer behaviour is inconvenient. My store marker covers a large area of London and the surrounding area, so I can’t see when a visitor is in that area. I can’t find anything good to say about it. It was an unnecessary change, please provide the option to go back to the previous design. 

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But when are you going to do something about it?

All I see is "thanks for your feedback"....we've stopped using Live View now and only look in once a day to see if it is still there - sadly it is.  Same old s**t -  people on the website allegedly but no sign of them on the "globe".

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Dear Nick

When are we going to get the orginal blue Live View Back. All we heart is we are listening, clearly this is not the case? When will you report back to us with a time frame to restore what we all want.

Menatime I suggest to all followeres they go to the Chat facility and talk to the suport team either by phon eor Chat Now.

Laslty I would encourage all users to go to the home page and click on the three dots next to the Globe and leave a coment.

We need action.


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Add me to the distinctly un impressed opinion of the new Live View - it's rubbish!

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For all those hoping to get old view back its not happening.

Please see below message from support.  This is why I am in process of setting up a store on another platform and will be exporting all my products and moving domain to that platform when ready.  Its going to be a huge...GOODBYE from me to shopify for the pure arrogance they have shown in making these changes and ignoring their paying customers.  Lets see how the shareholders view this arrogance.

I truly understand how you want this to be back to its previous version, and we thank you for expressing your feedback on the recent changes to our live view feature. While this is a permanent change, our teams are collecting feedbacks to better understand how they can improve it in the future. Don't worry, I've added your feedback so our teams can review it further. I'm hopeful that will help address some concerns you've raised.

Best regards,

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How Unfortunate that they refuse to listen to the ones who have to use it. 

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I just posted in the forum and then afterwards thought someone would have had to have brought this up in the forums and viola! Its bloody disgusting and loads slow and just all round bad UI & UX compared to what it was.. The spikes going up through the checkout was perfect and then you replace it with this rubbish? Change it back Shopify!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I am looking for another platform as well.