Horrendous live view

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I used to have fun checking out live view and seeing where people were and looking at active carts. Now there is just nothing to see. I have like 25 people on the site, and where are they, Live does not know. No lit up spots anywhere, maybe 2? Where are the other 23 visitors? And I can't locate the cart unless I scroll right? So unintuitive. Such a sad downgrade. I won't be using this page anymore. That globe is SO SO stupid, I hate it. Can't see the world anymore all at once, wow what a strange thing to remove. It's just the worst.

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Thank you - will do
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Hi Nick,

Is there any updates for us on this? Can the PLEASE bring back the Old Features from the Old Live View? Please bring back the country names and states names!

Can they please let us toggle between the views? Or let us choose the one we want? The Old View was 100% more useful and easier to stare at!

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I suggest everyone to open a support ticket. From my experience, complaints about anything goes on deaf ears when posted in these forums. I wrote up some instructions on how to email them which creates a support ticket.

  1. Go to this link: https://help.shopify.com/en/questions#/contact/email
  2. Log in with your account
  3. Select your account
  4. Search for anything (ex: "live view")
  5. Once you get search results, click the "Continue" button at the bottom of the page before the footer. Just under "Get Support"
  6. Click the "Email Us" button
  7. Fill out the form and let them know how unhappy you are about the new live view.
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Hi everyone,

I wanted to reiterate again that every piece of feedback in this topic has been captured in our feedback tool. 

Submitting feedback via multiple sources such as the Help Center or Admin notifications is not required if you've already left feedback in this topic.

TyW | Online Community Manager @ Shopify 
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I’m so disappointed with this change as well. I loved the old view, it was one of the pages I went to most. This redesign is clearly a fail based on the volume of feedback and lack of users defending it, I wonder how much UX research was done? In there marketing it says they surveyed ~1700 English speaking users, so it sounds like not much.

I think we can all agree, business decisions that don’t resonate with your clients happen, and what is truly important is how you as a business respond. The lack of a communication from Shopify when their clients are clearly unhappy speaks more to me than anything else, especially on one of the most important weekends of the year to many shops! Shopify where are you? You said this change was to help us have real time information that would allow us to make better business decisions, it’s not working, please tell us you hear us and are working on it!?

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Hi @Deidre_Lozier , where did they say 1700 people tried it or were consulted? Can you quote me any more? I'd love to hear. Was this before or after they got all this feedback that they said that?

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TyW, where can we go to see what Shopify is actually doing about the “live view” feedback?

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It was in the email they sent on Black Friday with the subject line “ Watch visitors become customers with Live View” there are several links in the email you can click on and it’s in the fine print under one of the “learn more” links.
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Absolutely hate the new live view. The globe is a horrible user experience and would like the old version back. This is not at all useful anymore.