Horrendous live view

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Could not agree more!  I really hope they revert to the prior version prior to BFCM.  This version is slow to load, not visually intuitive and clunky.  Shopify usually does such great work this seems like an odd blunder.

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Ditto this!  The live visitor function is also not working.  This seems like a strange time to implement a new feature two days before the busiest weekend of the year for retail businesses.

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It's looks like it was designed to be a background screen in a scifi movie instead of made for merchants daily utility.

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It looks horrible and it's so slow on Al of my devices. They should change it back.

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I signed up to the community just to come in and post exactly this. So thank you for saving me some effort!

It's dreadful. Both on desktop and mobile.

The globe isn't even good, you can now only see a small portion of the world at once instead of all of it.

There is absolutely nothing good about this update at all.

It also immediately causes my laptop to slow down. It just seems to eat up memory and leads to me needing to kill the tab.

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new live view is horrible


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I despise the new live view.  Who thought of this?  How horrible it changes right before Black Friday.  Does anyone know if we can flip back to the old one?  

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This is not even creative, it's just bad.

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Agree with feedback.  Not an improvement.

Really struggling with the new live view.

At least have a toggle switch so that the you can see a map view rather than a globe.


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I cannot agree more. As it was before, it was not fully efficient to begin with. They should have instead made it more accurate. I wonder if this downgrade has been applied to all of the Shopify plans. Anyone know if Shopify Plus has this Live View?