Horrendous live view

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I don't mind it, but have it working for goodness sake. 

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I Signed up for the LIve View Webinar here


How it's made: The Black Friday Cyber Monday Live Map

DATE - Monday, December 7th at 10:00AM EST
VENUE - Online

(note their graphic on this splash page shows a colorful globe with contrast, yet we are served a gray blob)


I have been using this Live View for a week now, it is so sad how unuseful it is now.

SHOPIFY: The following should be fixed

1) Make the view on the laptop RESPONSIVE, so all panels fit into one view and no scrolling left and right is needed. It seems designed for FULL SCREEN. (where we lose the navigation bar) I don't need fullscreen. I have to set my browser window to 80% to see all the panels AND the left side navigation

2) COLORS: It all gray and washed out, add some color back in -  the contrast is too low for those with vision problems (make it ACCESSIBLE TO ALL - reduce the number of ADA lawsuits you will get for accessibility - lack of!!) see lawsuits here https://www.vbjusa.com/opinion/columns/marketing-strategic-communication-column/ada-website-lawsuits...  and https://medium.com/@krisrivenburgh/does-every-website-need-to-be-ada-compliant-accessible-3d4f176cf1...

3) 3d globe, not useful. Make it a flat map.  If we are stuck with this useless globe that does not show visitors anyway, let us make a DEFAULT VIEW. I only sell in the USA, so each time I have to search for USA or use the dropdown to get to the USA.  I would  like to login and have it set to my default view

4) Visitor behaviour needs a total redo!  tiny gray circles and for a short period of time it might grow, but then disappears quickly. I prefer the IN CART and CHECKOUT circles grow with the number of carts or checkouts. The teal PURCHASED circle is the same size and disappears right after a purchase...easy to miss if you are not looking at the  Live View at that very moment

5) Page View panel - Add an AXIS! geez, chart 101.   you will have more horizontal space if you reduce the width of  VISITOR RIGHT NOW and TOTAL SESSION, which waste of right side space since it is empty

SELLERS: If you have some constructive criticism, add your pet peeves too AND what you would like to see changed as community manager @TyW suggested. Just saying it is terrible does not give Shopify the details they need for a consensus of seller opinions and change list.

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I can't use this.  Even when I have a customer on the website, it only pinpoints my store location.  This is a very big step backwards.  I hope they fix it or just delete because it is worthless as it is.

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Yes exactly! I can’t see where the customers are, only my location
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I totally agree

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These are my specific points of frustration with this new Live View. 



Basically totally unusable. Touch it slightly and it rolls all over the place. It's like a blob of jelly. Too difficult to zoom in on specific areas without touching the map over and over and over again to realign it, and of course this needs to be done each time you go to Live View. I absolutely hate the fact that the whole world can no longer be scene at a glance. I want a flat map. Also since the new Live View became active I have only once seen a blip on the map, other than the location of my store. Shopify, I already know where my store is? Why can't I see where my visitors are? I don't want to 'play' with a map. This is supposed to be a function that serves me, not a game or entertainment. Also, it is so laggy. This is what happens now: Open Live View, attempt to scroll, wait, wait as screen is frozen while map is loading. Attempt no 2, try to scroll., nope, wait, wait, screen is still frozen while map is loading. Attempt no 3, try to scroll, still frozen, because, yes, the map is still loading. 

Also, map without countries or states? Is it art or is it functional? I want it functional. 

Also, colour contrast has been removed so it is SO difficult to see. And I have perfect vision. Surely this is not Accessibity Compliant? 


Why are you forcing us to observe this information now? On the old Live View I had the option to minimise or expand this information. Why has this choice been taken away? When condensed, I was able to see all the information I was interested in on one mobile screen. Now that is impossible. Not sure what advantage it is to Shopify or their customers to remove that function. I just viewed all that information on the dashboard, why are you then expanding it and placing it all over the available screen on my mobile?


The mind boggles. It's exactly as it was before but no axis so therefore just a graphic where I can play a game of guess what the graph represents? Who looks at a graph and says, "I think this could be improved by still showing the graph but removing all the data from it."? I just can't understand this one at all... Graphs are only useful if it is clear what they represent. 1 page view or 10?or a hundred? Would be nice to know.


With this one I have no idea what Shopify  thought they were improving. The arched and solidly coloured 'mountains' that we had before were instantly able to be viewed and compared to each other. Great contrast, instantly identifiable. I have no idea what the concentric rings represent, that are pale and difficult to understand. They take up as much space as before so can we not have the high contrast, immediately understandable images we had before?


I liked seeing whether my customer was on a blog page, product page, checkout page. Removing this was not an improvement for me.


How I used Live View before, was quick glance at the map, then scroll to where I could just see the Page View Type at the very top of my mobile screen, and still everything else from Live View fitted neatly on the screen of my phone. I only had to touch the phone twice. Once to open Live View, once to scroll to that sweet spot where I could see everything at once. It was quick, simple and functional.

Now, the Live View gets my hackles up every time I use it, because 10 days later Shopify have not acknowledged that merchants dislike it or made any attempt to advise us of why the changes were made or if they are acknowledging it needs to be modified.

I know changes are difficult when it comes to technology. I'm OK with adapting to changes that are beneficial and for the greater good. But for the life of me, I can not work out why Shopify thought any of this was an update or better than it was before? How is removing functionality, making it take longer, and requiring more interaction from the end user better for Shopify or better for merchants? I just can't imagine they got feedback prior to this release where Merchants said, "yes great, happy to keep the page view option, but if you could just remove the information where I knew what this graph represented it would be so much better!".  It makes me think that these changes must be for Shopify's benefit, not the merchant's, in which case I would prefer they be upfront about it so I understand the method behind their madness.

I put up with the change from the Dark Blue Live View to the Green. Also thought that was not a helpful change but not irritating enough to complain about it. But this latest change is about 100 steps too far. I not only hate it, I am so angry that it was forced upon me at a time when I most reliant on it being functional. I would like it changed back to the Dark Blue View and I would like my November Shopify Bill reversed to make up for the extra time this has cost me and the frustration this has caused. 


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  • Absolutely correct. I used to enjoy watching where my visitors were and used to do manual research based on it.

now, it’s just a mess really . Cant see anything, I used the phone app primarily too. The old one was so much better

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So I've had time to reflect and get used to the new view and honestly it's still utterly dire and as an actual web and UX designer I still can't figure out what it's meant to improve over the previous version. 

I'm looking forward to some insight on the Webinar but I fear it'll probably be about how amazing getting the globe spinning was as a tech challenge and how the team pulled together to make it so spinny. 

Normally when there's a major design update to something you see long discussions of people saying "change it back" but at least there's often a few countering voices saying they prefer the new version of something but this is one of the very times in my career where I've seen something so universally panned by users. 

At the moment, the most irritating thing is that it only shows me where my store is based (I know this, I own it and live there) and even selecting a different country doesn't save my selection. 

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I thought there was something wrong with a setting somewhere. After stumbling across this thread, I now realize the issue of not being able to see anything on the global map except your store location is apparently intentional. How does this even make sense?!? Come on @Shopify

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Well all I have done is moaned about it so here is my breakdown of issues

- Pages views.  Cannot see actual number unless i move mouse over.  Used to be able to see just by looking.  This is annoying

- No popup saying someone from xxx is looking at xxx.  Miss having this.

- Customer behaviour is horrid compared with old. Old version actually showed you a better visual representation of what is going on

- info boxes not scalling to page.  hang off edge meaning i have to scroll left and right.  I want to be able to glance over and see everything.  Like old version

- New colours all washed out and accessibility is non existant.  If I was Shopify I would seriously look into how company's have been sued for lack of accessibility.  Just google it.  Rad here https://martechtoday.com/is-your-website-at-risk-for-an-ada-accessibility-lawsuit-245172

decided to add a section on this.

All industries need to comply with website accessibility laws but some are more likely to be sued

These lawsuits can happen essentially across any field or industry in any part of the country, but before we jump into that, let’s clarify a big point on the law’s interpretation thus far.

Which type of website must comply? A website that is associated with a business that operates a physical storefront location is certainly under the umbrella. That website is understood generally to be a digital extension of said company and can therefore be subject to ADA regulations. But some have raised questions as to whether or not websites are required to comply if they are tied to companies who don’t have a physical shop. Some federal court decisions conclude yes, so it’s incredibly wise to make your site compliant, physical location or not. 


- Globe. Old system i could just glance and see where all customers are.  Now I have to hunt.  ANNOYING.  Also it sometimes show no dots even though google analytics shows me I have many people on site.  Some times I get a few dots.  Some are pulsing some are static.  Makes no sense.

- Every so often all teh data stops working and i get blank info boxes

- Resource Hog.  This screen eats resources no end and really is badly written and badly designed.

Overall this new screen is pants end off.