Horrendous live view

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YES! THE LIVE VIEW IS HORRIFIC!!!! I found this forum and signed up just to give feedback on this!!!! Shopify please put it back the way it was or at least give us the option to choose and toggle between the two!!!! This is useless, we need to see the states specifically when rolling over or clicking on the US states like before and the flat view of the world worked just fine! Who needs to see a globe like this! So inefficient! The colors as well are not high contrast enough! You do realize we have to look at this site most of the day correct? Taking the purple away was bad enough now this! What are your UI people and Designers doing all day? Do they have this much time on their hands to mess up your site, branding, and features? Good grief! Have them work on things we actually want and need! The active cart, checking out, and purchased being last like this in the UI is so bad as well! Your UI people need to fix this mess and put it back the way it was! You also need a customer service number and area for customer feedback as well. I can't believe with Black Friday in two days you did a major update like this!

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I agree this is ridiculous!!!!  We pay them for our sites and what they are doing to our admins is unjustified .  Who the hell  are these changes good for certainly not for the majority of us??  Put the dam thing back to the way it was and leave it alone.  Your stupid changes effect us, not you!!!  We are the ones with the stores; perhaps you should ask if there is something you can do to make it better for us instead of turning everything upside down.  I am pissed off to say the least what good is a globe with no references. We cannot monitor where are customers are coming from or what they are doin ugh  

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It is horrible! I can’t see customer location either!

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I agree - the new live view is pretty bad. Not useful at all for me.

TO SHOPIFY: PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE! Give shop owners the option to use the original Live View instead. You'll instantly see just how few of us would choose the new one.

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Bring back the old version now!!!!! This new live view is soooo horrible! Seriously who thought of this and why. We need an option to go back to the old version urgently.

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I just made a sale (thank goodness for the Shopify Mobile app for the notification sound, otherwise I probably could not tell in the new dashboard!!). So I went to LIVE VIEW to see what the panel with CUSTOMER BEHAVIOR looks like. Before it was obvious with the teal hump shapes. But now, it looks exactly the same as NO activity, except for the 1-1-1 numbers at the bottom of that panel. See image. The small gray circles get larger for a short amount of time if there is an active cart, but I missed it for this sale. 


The US map globe  did not show any colored dots so I dont know what state this order is from until I open up the actual order. Pathetic!!!note tiny gray circles, worthless!!note tiny gray circles, worthless!!

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Could not agree more. This is a disaster, not functional and totally frustrating to use. So annoying when there are so many enhancements customers continually beg for, yet Shopify waste money and resources on nonsense like this that just makes merchant's lives harder. Very ill considered and very poor timing. Please, please, please change it back Shopify. 

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Ummm did any of you check with members of the vision impaired community. The lack of contrast between the white and the silver is terrible.

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the map is the biggest issue for me. I much prefer being able to see the whole map rather than having to try and navigate a globe. 

much preferred the old version. Would like a option to choose to have that back. 

Really bad timing for the holiday period as well!

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Also you cant scroll and see what country they are accesing from and the territory lines are almost invicible