Horrendous live view

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This new live view is faulty in all the points already listed. Also, the earth rendering unnecessarily pushes my CPU up every time I look at it. Shopify, please let us go back. This is an improvement for the worse.

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I don’t know about you guys but I don’t see myself ever using live view again because of how dysfunctional it is now. You used to be able to see everything at once and now it is an absolute chore to check where your visitors/sales are coming from. Is there anyone that prefers the NASA earth model? 

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I agree, It is so disfunctional, and it also does not display the traffic properly! I hate it and I don't understand, how such a design mistake can happen to such a great company? Who reviewed this? Who confirmed this?
Very disappointing...

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Omg I thought it was just me. I absolutely hate it. It's useless, it never shows where my customers are located.. idk who's idea this was but its horrible. Then you change it right before one of the biggest shopping times. At least give the option for us to choose our view considering we pay for this service. Smh

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I don't know if Shopify even realise how fundamental the live view option was and is to the business owner / end user experience. Not only have I never posted on this forum/community before, I've never posted on ANY community forum before...and it looks like I'm not the only one who is so pissed off they signed up just to post about this.

Aside from anything else this is extremely bad practice. Imagine if, for example, SAP SuccessFactors decided to go live with a new feature and didn't test it with their users first, didn't seek any feedback, didn't even give people a heads up. 

'Streamer Mode' - what the hell is that nonsense? Are you trying to be funny. 

The old live view set up was key to the whole experience and the foundation upon which the Shopify brand rests.

I want to know which part of the country people are in? Know when they are looking at products / collection pages. Gauge how much they browse before purchasing etc. Watching people shopping in Cornwall and Scotland and Northern Ireland and waiting for those humps to rise and for our phones to go keeerching has been the only thing that has kept us going through this appalling year!

Revert back to the old version or give users the option to use the old version now...please. 


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It's shocking!!!

Absolutely nothing wrong with the previous live view screen. The earth view was flat and all the info required was there to see.


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I am the same as you I have never posted on any forum before this.  I felt this was extremely necessary.   I hope that if enough people express their dislike Shopify will have no choice, but to revert back to the old Live View or give an the option.  I see nobody wanting to keep the new version of the Live View, makes no sense especially in comparison to the old.  I can't even comprehend why they felt the need to change it.  Where did that even come from?   This change effects every one of us and we all need to voice our opinion loud and clear.     

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Dreadful new live view: we can no longer see the entire map, visitors, page views, and customer behaviour at a glance without fiddling around with the globe. The display is too wide for my laptop screen, so I can't access the - / + zoom buttons without scrolling over. This is a huge step back from the previous Live View, where all the information was laid out to see at a single glance.

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Honestly the more I look at this awful updated LIVE VIEW, the more upset I am getting. Clearly, we don't like it @Shopify! Yet you seem to not care. Doing an update like this 2 days before Black Friday is reckless.

According to you, "The update was released with the best intention and was designed to enhance the merchant experience, especially at times like these with BFCM approaching." ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? You all actually thought this was an improvement. I am a Designer and to me, this looks like a project given to people unnecessarily. If you all have this much time on your hands to mess up a good thing, why don't you put that effort into your lack of Customer Service?!

Also, this does not look ADA compliant at all to me. With this low contrast in the grays, whites, blue, and green, this may not pass. Not to mention it hurts our eyes and makes things difficult to read and decipher. The contrast between colors needs to be greater. These bland colors are not helping our eyes. This green and blue are too similar in color. The old version really was in all aspects better. I miss the purple as now, on top of this awful update, we are stuck with all things green! 

The globe is not helpful, the flat view of the world was much better and clearer, We need to see individual state names and country names etc..., the customer behavior section looks like it shows no activity it is not clear or in your face, it is also put in a bad location UI wise and needs to be more front and center scrolling to the right to view more modals is not efficient. Poor placement on desktop and mobile. ALSO it is not updating correctly! It says there are 40 people on and I see 3 dots?? Come on. And we need to rest the Globe every time we come onto Live View. Also, the globe won't fit properly on screen, when I want to see the US the bottom gets cut off and I need to reposition it constantly. You had to have done User Focus Groups with this and saw people fumbling around!

Dear Lord please give us the old version back, or let us toggle between the two and choose for ourselves. This really was a tone-deaf change and very useless to a lot of people, giant step back! Please Shopify make this right! 

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Are the development team actually going to come onto this thread and speak? I am appalled that you are hiding behind moderators. What are you actually doing with this feedback?