Horrible Shopify Expert Experience

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We had sent out a few emails to a few Shopify Experts a few weeks ago to customize our Shopify site and Cindy from Cindershot Development was one of the experts that responded to our request. Like any other time we are hiring someone, we checked her page for reviews and saw nothing but praises from her previous clients and felt comfortable in hiring her for the position. We spoke to her on the phone as well as sent her a very detailed requirement of what we needed done. She agreed to it all and as a final measure to make sure she had indeed fully understood what we needed done on the site, in the job agreement contract both her and our company signed, we asked her to outline all task so we are all on the same page. The contract was signed and work began.


It has been 4 days passed what should have been a two week job and 90 percent of the work is yet to be done. When told how to design the site to our specifications, she ignores our requirements and does what she wants. Then it takes another few days to get when we had originally told her we wanted to begin with to begin with. We have stated our requirements numerous times, not only via email but by direct conversations. Most if not all revision requests were as a result of her not doing what she was told. Then it takes days for her to get that corrected. She is still struggling with the front page design and even that is not yet completed. I am not sure how Shopify experts are selected but she is no expert as she struggles with simple design concepts. She doesn’t listen to the needs of her clients, she lies about the time she has allotted to work on our site, she responds to us in her own time and when she does respond she ignores our requests for how we want our site to be designed. We have been trying to contact her and we have gotten nowhere for the past 72 hours.


Because of her lack of ability to complete our site in the allotted time stated on our work agreement, her lying about working on our site when she wasn’t, her lying about her abilities to complete the job according to what's in our work agreement, we have not only lost  partial funding for our company but also a contract with a print company that needed the source files for our design to go ahead and start working on the other design aspects of our company. We are also in jeopardy of missing our launch date deadline as our site is not even 90 percent complete. We have requested the source file many times and told her the deadlines we had to get these files. We are a start-up company with a very tight deadline and she was very aware of that. This has cost us gravely.


To make matters worse, we are now realizing that there's no way of leaving an honest review on her site to warn other clients of having the same faith as us. We were completely fooled by the 100% great reviews, and im now realising that this is on all of Shopify's so-called expert's pages as they have full control over what reviews are posted. We need someone from Shopify to get in contact with us about this before we are forced to contact the Better Business Bureau and any other sites she may be listed on. This is completely unacceptable!!

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I agree.  It is quite awful the way reviews are handled for the Shopify "experts."  Once you realize how they are done (or not done), it seems that the rave reviews can be taken with a grain of salt.

So sorry that you have run into such serious problems with the one you hired.  Yikes.

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I understand that you might have had a bad experience but I question your choice to out the business publically. I'd consider redacting the name.

If you did have troubles with an expert I'd suggest reaching out to Shopify Support directly and ask them to pass the feedback onto the Partner Manager. The relationship between you and that business is yours to own, but giving feedback to Shopify is a useful step - especially if the Partner Manager starts seeing a trend.

I've posted other things about this in the forum and will be upfront about my experiences. I'd be curious to hear how you think the process could be improved.

One important thing to note is that the reviews you'll see on an experts page should be legitimate. The only way to post a fake review would be to intercept the review invitation email, click the unique link, and enter a review under the clients business name. Shopify Experts can not edit or delete a review, though they have the ability to choose if a review invitation is sent in the first place. 

I think there needs to be a balance in the review system. Not every relationship is going to be perfect so an expert should be able to hold back a review invite. There's many reasons for this:

  • There could be a NDA in place stating that the Expert can not publically state involvment. I've had some of these.
  • The work might have been tiny (and not something that warrants a review)
  • It's hard to determine when work is actually complete, so a step must exist to manually send a review at that point
  • When there's multiple teams involved who get's the review? Everyone? Just one expert?
  • The Experts client might have be a bad fit, and just generally a bad client. Much like you can have bad experiences with designers, the same can be said from the designers perspective.
  • (and probably others...)

I'd been lucky and only had one really bad client experience. Despite all best efforts we didn't work well together, and they kept changing the scope expecting free work. Communication from their side was not polite and in the end I fired them as client (as per my terms). There's no way I would have been sending a review invite to that client.

I'd echo the comment from Sharon, and say that the reviews should be used a guide, but in the end you should do your own vetting. If there's any advice I'd give - always make sure there's a written agreement of the work scope in place.

I jump on these forums to help and share some insights. Not looking to be hired, and not looking for work.

Don't hand out staff invites or give admin password to forum members unless absolutely needed. In most cases the help you need can be handled without that.

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Jason, thank you for your thoughtful response.

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I had the same experience with a Shopify 'expert'.  We needed a sophisticated, minimal look to our website. So we designed everything ourselves inorder and provided detailed instructions and  mockups to show him exactly what we wanted, down to font styles, sized, layout, overall design of the website. We did this to save his time and ours. When he didn't do quite what we wanted, which really affected the sophistication of the website we were after, he made me feel like I was asking too much, and practically broke down one day.  If he had simply followed our instructions, we would not have had to ask for 'tweaks' to the site.  I never asked for radical changes, just corrections to the sizeof a font, spacing of navigation text, etc.  We also had some customizable products, but they way he laid out the custom options, proved very confusing for our test buyers.  When presented with their feedback, he was livid and kept stating that his system worked.  I even sent him examples of others websites, to show him different ways to create a smoother buying process, but he just kept insisting his set up worked.  In the end, I had to compromise and not offer the customization option on a these products.  This being a core of my business, I felt like I did not get a crucial part of my website.  Towards the end, I constantly felt like I was walking on eggs shells with him.  He had screamed down the phone at me a few times too, but of course comes across as a true professional on his profile. Being a female, I felt like I had no choice but to pacify him, tell him what a great job he was doing, etc, just to get the website complete.  His profile states he is available 24/7, and he emphasized in our initial meeting that he answers emails within a few minutes, even seconds!  Now, he simply does not answer my emails at all. And to my utter horror Shopify informed me that only he could provide a link for me to leave a review.  Shopify reviews are completely biased and a disgrace!

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You should leave their name here so people won't go through the same thing. Too many 'experts' that platform...I will continue using Upwork from now on. Shopify Experts is a joke.