How Do Sellers with 1000 Products Can Automatically Update Their Prices With Their Supplier?

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Hello everyone,

Sorry for the newbie question. I am very new to having an online business, and I am dropshipping btw. I wrote this question in this Shopify Discussion section rather than the Dropshipping section of the forum because I think my specific question is more relevant to be here. I hope anyone can help me with my situation.

This issue probably sounds stupid, but I really don't know how to deal with this right now and has been making me really exhausted.....

So I have around 200 products in my webstore from my dropshipping supplier. How do sellers with large amount of inventory (1000+ products) able to automatically/quickly/effortlessly update or change their prices with their supplier?? Especially when prices can change on a daily basis! My supplier actually has an integrated app here in Shopify. But there is no feature of product prices that you add to your store can be automatically updated from their app. So all this time I have to check their app everyday, and change my product prices ONE BY ONE manually. And My God! It's just ridiculous doing it that way! It's very exhausting, wasting a ton of time where I can use that time for better things! Like thinking about the marketing strategy of my store, for example.

Do you have a solution or tips for this issue I am having? Thanks a lot!