How I Could Convert My WordPress blog into Shopify Store?

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Hi All,


I was thinking to migrate my wordpress blog i.e on GB Whatsapp 2020 topic. I want to do dropshipping through this site. But I don't want to delete exisiting content on my website Currently I am using wordpress, How I can Migrate Data to Shopify. Looking for appropriate guidance.


Thanks in advance.

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Hi John,

As for your concern, there are basically 3 ways of moving from Wordpress to Shopify:

1. Manually migrationIf you only have a few products you can simply go to your Shopify store and type them. However, if your store contains thousands of products, this method is inefficient as it takes too much time and effort. Let alone any mistakes you can make during manual migration.

2. Hiring a web agency or freelancer: It is just as easy as it sounds. You hand over the task for them and wait for the results. However, keep in mind that hiring an agency or a freelancer will cost you an arm and a leg and you will still face a risk that the person you hired does not fully understand the structure of your website and potentially cause some errors.

3. Using automated migration service like LitExtension: 

We provide an automated migration tool that allows you to automatically, precisely, and safely migrate your data between two platforms. Your migration will be processed at an affordable price (only from $59) in day or less, 100% safe. Our tool is easy to operate, with only a few clicks and no technical skills required. 
If you're too busy managing the migration yourself, you can always turn over the job to our experts and they'll be taking care of all the work for you. 
You can respond to this message, or you can contact our Customer Support Team directly via live chat if you want us to help you any further or try out our FREE DEMO right now to better understand our service.
Best of luck, 
LitExtension team


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Hello John,

Please check out my StoryBook ‑ WP Blog Connector app here:

The app acts as a proxy, it connects your WordPress blog with your Shopify store. All WordPress posts/categories/tags and such are instantly available within your store.

You will find most of the WordPress features available, more we implement server-side caching under the hood, there is a good chance that your Shopify blog is way faster than your original WordPress blog.