How I can raise the prices of all products variants in a certain amount?

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Is there a way to raise the prices of all my products (each product has some variants and that includes them) in a certain amount?
For example, each variant of each product will cost $10 more. and the same thing at "compare at price".

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I think your best option is export all your products, edit the csv file importing it to a googlesheet. After that, you can save it as csv again and import it to your Shopify products. It will overwrite the products without problem so you don't lose anything.

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My name is Alison, and I'm the Customer Success Specialist for Ablestar apps.  You can also use our Bulk Editor app ( to modify the prices, and it is much quicker and easier than exporting a spreadsheet and editing it (although that would work).  Using the app, you have the ability to modify the price and compare at price in the following ways:


Price Edit Options

  • Decrease by percent
  • Increase by percent
  • Change by fixed amount
  • Set to a fixed value
  • Set as a percent of Compare Price field
  • Set as a percent of Cost field
  • Set as a percentage of original value

The app also has a free version that allows for 5 free in-app edits and 5 free spreadsheet edits a month, so you could try it out without incurring any costs.




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Great, that's super useful. Thanks for sharing