How To Add Additional Tabs To Split products

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Hi everyone,

I' am new to creating a website and have a question. Currently the header has a catalog tab that takes you to all the products. I would like to create an additional tab or section to divide the products so customers can filter their search. 

For example: Pants section, Shirt section, Shoes section, etc.






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Hi Samuel!

To add new tabs to your main menu bar, you will need to enter the online store > navigation section in your Shopify admin. From there, you click on the "edit menu" button in your "main menu" section. You will then see the option to "add menu item". This will add a new link to your main menu bar! So in your case if you add a new link called "Pants" then link it up to a collection you have created with your "Pants" products within you will have successfully created a new "Pants" tab in your main menu! This guide sets out the above in clear, step-by-step instructions:

Once you have managed to accomplish the above, I would certainly recommend that you consider creating a drop-down menu as a way of organising your products. In that way, you can create a "Clothes" tab for example, then in a drop-down you could have "Pants", "Shirts" and "Shoes" linked below, all with links to the appropriate collections:

Hope this helps!

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