How To Create Smart Product variations

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How can I create smart variations in Shopify.

Let me give an example.

Let's say I am selling a book. The variables for the book are color and weight.

Assuming I have 3 colors - Red, green, blue

And I have 2 weights - 10kg and 50kg.

I can easily create a Shopify variation this.

But the problem comes when, one of the book weights doesn't have a certain color (let's say there is no blue color for the 10kg book).... I am not saying it's "out of stock", the variation is just not sold.

I want when a customer chooses the 10kg option for weight, the blue color under the color section dissappears leaving only the colors that are available for the 10kg book (Red and green).

And if the customer chooses 50kg, all the color options will show because they are available for the 50kg book.

Please how can I achieve this? Do I need an APP? If yes, which APP?

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Well, on Shopify, you will get a lot of variant apps with conditional functionality but as per your requirement. it's custom work. so we need to code as per your requirements.

But still you can look into these apps


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Thank you! Conditional Logic, that's the word for it.