How To Set Up My Shopify Store So People CANNOT Pay With PayPal?

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I have found that PayPal is one of the absolute worst websites I've ever had the misfortune of dealing with. An absolute trainwreck nightmare out of my worst dreams. Literally problem stacked upon problem upon problem, with each problem I try to resolve branching out into several sub-problems that just becomes an enormous source of frustration and complete waste of my time.

On top of that, their customer service experience is complete trash and I simply refuse to have anything to do with this company and refuse to give them one dollar of my or anybody else's money.

With all of that said, HOW DO I DISABLE PAYPAL on my website? It's clearly not enough to simply disable Paypal Express Checkout, because I didn't even have that enabled on my store, yet somebody managed to pay for an order via PayPal, forcing me to go through the multi-hour long process of simply trying to integrate my store with Paypal.

So how can I set it up not just so that I Deactivate PayPal Express Checkout via the Shopify Payments section, but how can I make it so under no circumstances can anybody possibly pay with Paypal?

My store is:


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Hey, @AntonD!

Ash here from the Shopify team. 

I understand that you've had a negative experiencing using PayPal as a payment provider, and wish to remove it entirely from your shop as a payment option. This is totally your choice, and I'm happy to help. In order to remove PayPal from your shop, head over to your Settings> Payments section of the admin. On this page you will see tiles for all of the active payment methods on your account. Look for the PayPal tile, and if it's currently active there will be a button to deactivate it:



After deactivating, you can confirm PayPal is no longer active in the Settings> Payments section of the admin by checking that the tile now has a button to activate PayPal: 



As long as PayPal is deactivated in your Settings> Payments, then it will not show up as an option for customers in the checkout.

To clarify why it was an option initially, when a new Shopify account is created a PayPal Express account is created automatically for the shop using the account owner email address. Setup for the PayPal account is not required until the first order is placed using PayPal, which explains why you weren't prompted to set up the account until you received the order using it. Going forward, once you deactivate PayPal you won't need to worry about it any longer unless you decide to reactivate it. 

If you're interested in using any alternative gateways, I'm happy to help find some options! Let me know what country you're located in if you'd like to check some out. I hope this helps!

Ash | Social Care @ Shopify 
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