How can I complain regarding vendor. Website indicated 10-15 days delivery. Day 37.

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How do I complain re vendor.  Website indicates 10-15 day delivery.  Goods cleared customs in Los Angeles 5/20.  I live in LA.  Still nothing and the company keeps spouting ridiculous replies like today that customs is prioritizing emergency goods.  I think they are clearly scammers and Shopify is just the platform but please help.  It’s The Fit Bands 

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Hi @SLeiter 

Shopify isn't a marketplace like Ebay or Amazon, so it doesn't quite work that way.

Sorry that you're having trouble with something you ordered. I don't know the Fit Bands, but as a separate store owner (with a very good customer satisfaction history, by the way), I will say that there are many many issues nationwide with shipping delays (especially USPS) ever since the states started shutting down. We will have some of our shipments arrive to the customer in 2-3 days, then the same customer will order again using the same shipping method to the same destination, and the shipment will be 10-14 days late.

I hope your issue gets resolved. Best of luck to you.