How can I confirm if the optional shipment delivery notifications are sent out the the customer?

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I have been looking for a way to confirm to verify if the two optional shipment delivery notifications are sent out to our customers:


1. Shipment out for delivery

2. Shipment delivered


They are both checked under Notifications settings. But when I look at the timeline of any order however, I only see two emails being sent out , first one being 'Order confirmation' when the customer place his/her order and a second one 'Shipping confirmation' email once our 3rd party fulfillment partner fulfills the order. There is no other email is seen on the timeline, One thing I noticed however that right after the fulfillment, the order is archived automatically due to the settings under Checkout. I have turned it off now. I am not sure if that was the reason for any further email not being sent to the customer.


Also when I view the order status page, it always  shows 'Your order is confirmed' even after the shipment being delivered which is not correct according to me. I assume it should update based on the shipment status.


Any help is appreciated.