How can I delete "test" abandoned shopping carts?

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After testing, I have many "abandoned" carts that I would like to delete.

I do not want to archive them - they will add bad data to my archives - I want to delete them.

Is there any way to do this? 

Bonus question: If it is not possible, can someone tell me why not?

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Shopify Staff (Retired)
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Hi Jim,

Stephanie here from Shopify's guru team!

Currently, there is no way to delete an abandoned cart. As of right now, I do not have a real reason as to why this feature is not available the way it is with an actual order; however, I am looking into it :)

As soon as I have an answer I'll follow up here!



Stephanie | Shopify Support
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I would like to know this also, it seems bizzare that you can't simply delete them.

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Hi Stephanie,

I have same problem with my tests. It really makes me crazy, i dot want to see these abandoned carts made by me.

Thanks a lot.

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It is a major issue with Shopify that I raised with support well over a year ago with a response basically being a shrug of the shoulders.

Anyone launching a store properly should have a series of user tests leading up to launch which leads to a lot of data in the store that really messes up the first few months of the actual launch.  Not having the ability to clear all orders, baskets, customers etc is a major failing.

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Checking to see if there has been any resolution for this?


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Looking for an update on this. Has there been any resolution?

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Hi Stephanie,

Any chance of this simple piece of coding (already in place in other sections) being copy pasted and applied to the orders section any time soon?? It's not hard Stephanie, if you give me the log-in I'll have it done before you have the chance to click refresh!



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I experienced this as well and decided to continue using the "test payment" mode by sending myself the abandoned cart notification and continuing with the transaction. Afterward, I canceled the order and was able to delete it at that point.  *Update: scratch that- it's resurfaced.

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LOL, I was going through the same testing to make sure everything was working and was wondering how to clear out my test scenarios. This is such a basic concept and as someone new to creating an eCommerce presence outside of Amazon and eBay I'm shocked at how many basic checklist items are missing from Shopify. Based on similar questions I have on other basic features and the lack of followup or updates to Shopify even after so many folks are clamering for bug fixes and improvements I'm starting to get the impression that Shopify has 5 employees who are old college buddies that created this startup company. Sorry if it sounds harsh but what else should the rest of us new to Shopify think? Hopefully, I'm mistaken.