How can I drive traffic to my niche website?

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Hi Everyone,

I launched my website in February of this year, but have not generated the kind of revenue I was hoping for. I know its a numbers game, meaning the more people see my site, the greater chance I have for a conversion. But that's the problem...I'm not getting much traffic to the site. My products are sort of niche and caters to a specific demographic so I'm not sure how, what or where I should spend on matketing. 

I'd greatly appreciate any kind of feedback. Thank you. 


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To get organic traffic it's necessary to raise your site in Google / Bing search results. You find good keywords and then optimize your website for these keywords (so called on-page optimization). Then you create backlinks to your site (so called off-page optimization). There are many books on SEO which explain how to do it properly. 

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Hello Brian, 
first of all congrats on your store! It looks great.
About the marketing I suggest you to put an accent on visual social medias as Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook. 
As Alex mentioned, building backlinks would be essential for your success, so try building a partnership with other small businesses in your niche. Ask a youtuber to feature your product in a video or a blogger to write a review about you. Those are just two examples, but there are plenty of options out there. 
Good luck and keep us updated!

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You can start with the free app, SEOplugin in the Shopify App Store.

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Agree with Alex's comments on SEO.  It is key for driving traffic for a niche business.   The good news is because your business is niche, getting ranked on specific keywords that relate to your business should not be as difficult (or cost as much)    I highly recommend paying a good SEO company to help you drive rankings.   You can find some relatively inexpensive ones at (formerly

i also have a niche business and have seen organic SEO optimization return 5x what I put in.

 I also highly recommend selling your products across all the major ecommerce sites (Amazon, eBay, etsy).  This might sound counter intuitive but it helps drive sales and really helps with exposure.

finally.  Make sure you add a brochure that highlights your other products or gives the customer a coupon with their next order in every order you ship.  Repeat customers are always great!

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Are there any bloggers, social influencers, or publications that cater to your niche? If so, create an affiliate program and reach out to them to talk about your product. Depending on what it is, this may require you giving a sample or paying for placement. This will helpw ith your exposure. 

Do keep in mind, using an affiliate program will not help with SEO. You need to weigh the pros/cons of driving traffic vs earning authority links.

Also, if you have a specific demo, social native advertising its great for targeting. Keep in mind, the goal of social should be establishing a connection, not a purchase. Users are likely to leave their social enviroment on first engagement.


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We are a few days past our free trial... my wife and I have been selling via eBay for years and wanted to try our own web-site. Here are a few problems...

My wife's site is and she has been LABORING at getting Google search results. Her photos are not in Google search (from her site, although both of our eBay searches are coming up) and some of my listings have been coming up in Google ( & which points to pickermall). She has gone, in a matter of days, from enjoying her job to wanting to throw her computer through a window (and she is the calmest most easy going person I know). Right now she is working a spreadsheet alt-tagging all her photos. Who knows if that will work...

The only reason we went with Shopify is so we could transfer all our eBay stock directly into Shopify without having to take thousands of photos of our merchandise all over again.

BUT the bottom line is getting traffic to our sites. We are not getting any. We've gone through Google Analytics and done what we can. We are putting inserts into our stuff we sell via eBay (to direct people to our sites), but we should be coming up in search results (Google Shopping especially).

AND My wife has paid money to Google to get traffic to her site... apparently, Google indexes Shopify's URLS, but not images. Anyone searching images will NOT see your images in search results. She deals in a lot of mid-century decor and art so that is very important to the success of her business. FYI make sure ALL your images are named with key words before you upload to Shopify. Do alt-image titles on ALL your images. At least in theory.

One last thing... I had a site through Shopify a few years ago and had gotten sales from the start. Not a lot, but within that first two weeks I had a few. Something must have changed with Shopify since then.

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We, too, have a niche product on a niche website.  Our best tactics have been:

  • mentions in forums with similar interest group/target audience
  • reviews by web and video bloggers
  • YouTube videos
  • our own Forum for user-created content

It has been the "link backs" that came from even casual mentions on forums by customers or reviewers ALONG WITH the constantly organically growing content that seem to have had best impact on SEO.  

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