How can I increase page speed? It's currently 9 on Google Page Speed Insight

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Hi guys,


Wondering if anyone have good tips or ways to reduce the page loading time. My website has an awful page speed score of 9 on mobile and 40 on desktop according to Google Page Speed Insight. With most customers on their phones, it is near impossible to make a conversion with that rate.


I have no coding knowledge whatsoever, so any suggestion on apps or tips and tricks a non-technical person could try would be much appreciated!



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Your site speed looks pretty good to me.

The best tools for Shopify optimization are Shopify Analyzer (to see theme optimization issues specific to Shopify sites) and WebPagetest (to check site speed and view a waterfall of loading resources).

PSI will always give you a bad score. It's ok to use for ideas but generally not a good tool for Shopify sites with 3rd party apps loading (you can increase your score by uninstalling apps, but you could hurt your business).

Your theme already looks pretty well optimized, but here are some things I noticed can be improved:

- That main banner image is 1.3MB and 5600 pixels. This should probably be max 800px on mobile and 1500px on desktop.

- You have multiple scripts loading for the home page slider (jquery, plugins, slick, slider). Since you're not using slider functionality, you could use a single static image instead and reduce the need to load all the extra javascript.

These may be too technical, but a simple solution you can do today to make it load faster is adjust the image size of that main banner to 1500px (ideally you load different size for mobile but you need to implement via code), then compress it (here's a tutorial for image compression on Shopify). That alone will save significant page weight.

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