How can I sell one product inside another product?

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I need to sell a product with a fixed price and I need the customer to be able to choose a second product for free inside the same product. So I need to sell product A and I want the customer to be able to add either product A, B or C that will go with the product A and I want the system to deduct from inventory the chosen B, C or D product. Is it possible to add like a dropdown menu of existing products inside a new product?

Let say we create product A and I need products B, C and D to be chosen inside product A as a free option and I need products B,C and D to deduct from their own inventory when buying them with product A.

I hope I explained myself and that someone can help me :D

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Hi @Balbigomez1 


You should look into product upsell apps, like this one:

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