How can I set up the Printify Shipping Calculator with a Basic Annual Shopify Plan?

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I have recently switched my Basic Shopify plan from monthly to annually, as I have read in several articles on Shopify forums that I will be able to use the Printify shipping calculator after doing so.

After upgrading, my Shopify account is still saying I need to "upgrade my plan" to use third-carrier calculated shipping rates. When I try to enable the shipping calculator on the Printify website, it gives me an error message reading "to enable the Printify shipping calculator you need to configure it in your Shopify store."

What can I do to fix this error message and set up the Printify shipping calculator?

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After you have switched to the annual Shopify plan, you need to contact Shopify support to enable the carrier calculated rates feature in your store. It would be better to go via chat so that, you get it done quickly. Once this is done, you will be able to use the shipping calculator.  

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I too just switched from monthly to annual so I can get access to the Printify shipping calculator. Next step is to notify Shopify Support? Is there a Shopify chat option? I must not be able to find it. Please advise how to notify Shopify so I can start using the Printify shipping calculator.