How can i Boost my conversion rate

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Hey All

I've been operating my store for about 2 months now, sales are fairly average. I would like to see my conversion rate up around the 1.5%-2% Mark ( Currently sitting at .43%).

The majority of the traffic comes from Facebook ads, and google ad words.

Would be great to hear from more experienced shop owners and any feedback on what I could possible change website wise.



Jye - Jegger



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 Some Suggestion, to reduce marketing expense and increase revenue growth.

Try MultiChannel Selling with shopify and other ecommerce marketplaces

What is a Channel?

A channel is a place through which you sell your product. A channel can be a brick-and-mortar business, private agency and online business portal etc.

What is Online Multi-Channel Selling?

Online Multi-channel Selling defines the way of selling in other Marketplaces and E-commerce platforms like Amazon, Ebay, Shopify, Etsy, Magento, BigCommerce etc,.

Benefits in Multi-Channel Selling -

  • Enhance Product Visibility across major marketplaces and e-commerce platforms
  • Increase in your Revenue Growth
  • Acquire new Customers

Increased visibility means Increased Revenue Growth.

  • To increase the visibility of your product, it should be seen by every visitor. So to drive a large number of visitors to your website, it definitely costs more. As a cost effective strategy, you can add your product to the marketplaces which already has a large number of visitors.
  • By selling in different Marketplaces and E-commerce platforms you shed light over your product for the customers who're in need of it.
  • Each and every online selling platforms has unique type of visitors, who're in need of various products with a quality and worthy enough to buy.
  • By Selling in multiple marketplaces, your marketing expenses reduce while revenue growth increases

Increased Customers means better relationship with customer.

  • Focus on the customer whom you’re selling to, learn the ideology to satisfy customer with what they need and what they request, so they get their requirements fulfilled.
  • Retaining Customers are the main sales driving customer, so once the customer is retained to purchase a product from you again, as the product has good quality etc. then the level of customers will boom.
  • So to retain your customers, focus especially on the sales driving customers and provide offers, discounts to them for much larger purchase, so their need of product purchase from you might get a hike and as well word of mouth will also increase.

For Example : Discounts and Offer Sale on black friday

Kind Suggestion -

If you're a startup and willing to sell in other Marketplaces and E-commerce platforms, then we are here to help you and guide you with order and inventory management specifics and marketing strategies..

check in Order and Inventory Management Software | Yaali

Thank you

Best Regards,

Yaali Inventory Management Software

Thanks and Best Regards, Abdul
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Hi Jye,

I noticed two things that you can do instantly to help increase your conversion rate.

1. Show Social Proof: Add an area where customers can review your products or an app like "Yo" to display recent sales. These types of social proof make the customers feel more comfortable from purchasing on your site. Think of Amazon and the hire rated reviewed products are normally the most popular.

2. Create a sense of urgency: Add a countdown timer app that shows a sale ending soon. Or show current stock numbers to help customers feel like they need to take action now.


These are a few quick tricks to increase your conversion rates right away.

I'm creating a youtube channel discussing my success and marketing techniques. You can check it out here:




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Hey Jye, here are some thoughts I have.

Since the knives you sell aren't particularly cheap, I would imagine that it requires a fair amount of trust on the buyer's part to actually make a purchase. And the more expensive the knife, then the more trust of course is required in order for the purchase to happen.

I see that you have a mailing list. That's good. (I signed up!) My view is that a mailing list is a good opportunity to build trust with prospective buyers over time so that they'll eventually feel much more comfortable making an e.g. $320 purchase than they would if they had just landed on your site cold. I don't know what kind of stuff you email your subscribers but since I'm on your list now, I guess I'll find out.

It looks like your mailing list offer is that I'll get 5% off store-wide. Frankly that seems like a fairly weak offer. I don't care that much about getting 5% off. What I think would be better is something like "Knife Buying Guide: The 5 Things That Matter in a High-End Knife" or "Don't Make These 3 Common Knife-Buying Mistakes". You get the idea. I personally don't know anything about buying kitchen knives, so I would find such a guide quite useful.

It seems like another way to get more of those $320 purchases would be to first offer prospects something they could buy for way less, like $30 or less. It wouldn't be a knife, of course, but it would probably be something cooking-related. If people buy this product from you, they've taken one step toward you. They've already overcome that barrier of entering their credit card information into your website and they don't have to make that leap again. (They might have to physically type in their card number again to buy a knife but they wouldn't have to make that psychological leap again.) If they buy the < $30 product and have a good experience with your store, they would probably be less skeptical about their experience buying a higher-ticket product.

I have more suggestions but I'll leave it at that for now. Let me know if any of that seems helpful.

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Hey Jason

Thank you for taking the time to share your comments.

There all very helpful, and can definitely see where you're coming from on each point. I think your right about having that initial purchase be smaller to help build trust, which should hopefully benefit future transactions with them.

I Also Really like the idea of the knife buying guide, I will certainly be working towards implementing that into the website, as I think that would really help.

I also think that the product photos need to be more consistent, Perhaps with a white background, just to make the overall site look cleaner.


I Would love to hear any more suggestions you have, if you have time.


Thanks again




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Hello Jye,

Welcome to the world of E-commerce.
A Industry where, there is a competition at every instance, and every entrepreneur is looking out for sale. Either to start there sales process or to increase the sales graph.
I have been in the industry from a year ago and currently i am running a reputed store in the market, and now even converted my store to a multi-vendor store.

As i went to your shop URL and pointed out few things that can be taken into consideration that might effect the your sales growth.
1) Header : Your Header is not properly arranged.
2) Banner : Your banner is still, and not auto rotating, it should keep rotating it's all 3 image.
3) On homepage only the Product listing starts.
4) When i went to product page, for the product there is No Description.

These are the few things i notice, that need to be worked out.
As these thing provide the professional look to the website as in the current scenario anyone can easily guess that it's a new website, and everyone look for the store that is well establish in the market and has the product with good client feedback. But as you are new it will take some time to build it's existence in the market.

Now when all this is finished:

Things that is a Problem:

    You're not getting enough traffic - No sales
    You're getting traffic, but it isn't converting - No sales

I know there is no such thing as enough traffic, because the predicted conversion rate for the new commer's is always around 1-3%, if you're getting only about 100 people in a day at your website, there isn't much to convert. If this is the case then you need to first drive people to your website.

However, if you're getting, say, around 1000 people to your website everyday and they are not converting, then you need to fix things on your website.

I am going to address the second one first:

Here are few things that I checked on your Website:

1. Pop up: in your pop-up, you're asking people to sign up for Newsletter. But they don't know anything about you at that time, since the pop-up opens immediately, to really make a decision whether they'd like your updates or not. However, everyone wants to know of discounts. So I think a better ask would be to sign up to get latest discounts and coupons.

2. Product descriptions: product description work as a salesman. I noticed that you haven't used any description for any of your product. Even the Rating and feedback.

3. About Us: There is no information about you. Who are you? Why did you start? What do you want to achieve? Your customers don't know you. The About Us page is one of the most visited pages on a website. Which is why having this is a must.

I am in India where you have a very challenging market for e-commerce, I have been in the industry since a year ago, and as per my experience i would like to tell, What i did to get a push up on my sale and increased the revenue?


As per your country you can check out which marketplace you are capable to sell on like Jet/Amazon/Ebay/Newegg etc. There are several companies that provide you a extension so that you can link your store to several market place.
For Example: To link on Jet Marketplace :
As i have choosen Jet Marketplace to sell my product on, These Marketplace already had a great Customer following and trust.

Now you can search accordingly, Which Marketplace you want to sell .

When you integrate your store with these marketplace you get all/selected product sync to those market. And when the customer is looking for the same type of product over these marketplace your chance of getting sale increases as compared to simply listing your product on your store.
Due to this your product visibility also increases in the market and you also get a eye of customer as per your service and product quality.

This is my experience in the real world scenario of how to push up our sales.
Hope this was helpful.

If you want to know what else i planned further with my store to increase my sales, you can contact me over skype : live:navedsiddiqui_2

Naved Siddiqui

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Hi Jye,

Sure, I'm happy to share more thoughts. I want to preface this by saying I generally like to "diagnose before I prescribe", although right now I'm just prescribing away without really diagnosing first.

It would probably be useful for me to know things like:

- How are your AdWords campaigns set up? What keywords are you targeting?

- How are your Facebook campaigs set up?

- How much organic traffic are you getting? How are those people finding you?

I understand if you're not comfortable sharing all that stuff here.


If I were you I'd focus on just ONE acquisition channel for starters and get really good at that. So I would probably focus on just AdWords or just Facebook, but not both at the same time. It seems to me that if people are clicking on AdWords ads, they're in "buying mode" because obviously they're searching for knives. With Facebook, they're not necessarily in buying mode, they're in "I'm bored at work" mode. I'd be curious to see how your Facebook ads are currently performing vs. AdWords.

Since I haven't spoken with you directly, I can only point out really obvious things. I'll point out a couple that I didn't share before.

When I first landed on your site, I saw the "Create Culinary Masterpieces" headline. It stood out above everything else. I saw that and asked myself, "What is this site?" Maybe it's a site that sells cooking classes. I had no idea it was a site that sells knives. You have this huge image with a headline that's taking up the vast majority of the screen space, and the headline is not only useless but misleading. That's a total waste. What could you put there instead? I'm not sure what would be best, but frankly almost anything else would be better. You could put a few of your top-selling products (or the products you most want people to buy). You could put that free guide we talked about. You could put a video of yourself telling your story and talking about your knives. I'd have to do some research and do some more thinking about what exactly would be best, but hopefully that gives you some ideas.

Also, I would recommend that you don't use a carousel on your home page. Carousels are super popular but they don't help your website achieve its goals. Check out this article if you're curious:

I see that you have language like "Contact US" and "Why Do WE Love Damascus?" If your business really is a team of people, then that's fine. But if it's just you, then I believe you can use that fact to your advantage. This goes back to the trust thing. What's more trustworthy, an anonymous, faceless business on the internet or an actual human being with a name and face and personality? If I were you, I'd add an "About" page with your photo and the story of what your background is and why you started your store. I'd change all the "us" and "we" language to "me" and "I".

I think you also have a big opportunity with your emails that you're not taking advantage of. After I subscribed to your mailing list, I never got a "welcome" email. You could send an email immediately after people sign up that says something like, "Hey, Jye here. Thanks for visiting my store. Do you have any questions about buying a knife that I can help with?" I have to imagine that your subscriber volume is sufficiently low at this point that you'd have little trouble keeping on top of the responses. This email would allow you to both learn about your visitors and increase the chances of making sales because you're building trust and helping people find exactly what they want to buy.

I guess the last thing I'll say is let me know if you'd like to continue this conversation. I'm not a Shopify consultant but I'm exploring the idea of becoming one. (My background is in software development and selling e-books.) If you'd like to talk more, I'd be happy to help some more for free as practice. Just let me know if so and I can share my contact information.

Hope that helps!

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Hey, Jason, All this info is really helpful. ( I'm just at work at the moment, ill continue reading through in detail later tonight)

I would love to get in contact with you personally.

Contact me at

or just through the contact page on the website.





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Great, I just sent you an email. Talk to you soon.

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Hey Jye,

I like you site, seems good to start with. I don't know If I can tell you much before I have a look at your google analytics + if you don't have much traffic yet, it is premature assumptions.

You also have to keep in mind that your poroduct is considered a bit expensive, so you may have to find a way to qualify and nurture your clients for the long term.

We're offering free audits for a limited period, so if you'd like to profit from it let me know.