How can i Boost my conversion rate

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Hi Jye,

If you're looking for a cost-effective way to drive traffic to your store, check out the free Ads app -

Also, couple things to consider doing:

  • Delay the showing of the email sign up pop-up. Realistically, no one is going to sign up for it before having had a chance to browse around. 
  • Your frontpage slider is taking up valuable space, without having any actionable items within it. Add some call to actions to them
  • All your products appear to be on sale, or sold out. This looks odd to me, since it doesn't look like you're running any limited time promotion.
  • Add reviews to your product pages
  • Add related items to your product pages
  • Add a page detailing info about Returns




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Another thing you can consider is adding some sort or customer engagement to your storefront. Automated is even better. For example, if customers have something in their cart but about to abandon, it's best to reach out automatically and offer them a discount to convert.

You can consider chatting to them too but this obviously requires a bit more time and resources on your end. You have Messenger on your storefront now but not every customer uses Facebook. In that case, it's a huge barrier for them to talk to you.

I recommend using a service that will connect up your chat, email, social media, and FAQ into a single place for you to talk to customers. Talking to them is one of the best ways to convert.

If you're interested in something that does all of this, give Re:amaze a shot. Lots of great features and natively integrated with Shopify to help you manage all your customers' orders too. Best of all, you can draft orders for customers while chatting to them. This will help with conversions greatly as well.

Reamaze - Customer Communications Platform for Shopify at
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Have you thought about your store emails? Sending an automated follow-up email when someone abandons their cart can go a long way, especially if you give them incentive to return with, say, a discount code in that email. I work for an app that helps with this and we see that it can make a really big difference in converting people on the fence.

Could go a long way, good luck!

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hey, jason, you made a lot of sense in your posts, would it be possible for us to exchange emails? I would like to talk to you more about building my store. 

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Wow those are some beautiful knives. Perhaps some social proof would help, maybe even a video review, cross promotion, and guest blogging from a professional chef/small foodservice buiness about how great your knives are.


And whaddaya know, I'm a profesisonal chef, with a small foodservice business who would be willing to review your product(s) and help provide some social proof (and backlinks, blog feature, maybe some guest blogging, etc etc). Unfortunately I only sell locally so I can't ship you my food though lol. 

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Hi there.

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Hey Parmanand, sure thing. Feel free to send me an email at

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Hey Jye Jegger,

You'd understand better from anyone what could be done to improve the conversion rate. I've noticed that  this blog post helped personally me with understand my own conversion rate problems and fix it


Just visited your store. From what I have seen your have a good store which have a lot of potential with increase the conversion rate. The first page that took my attention is getting to know better about your product. So my attention has been focused on the page "Why Do we Love Damascus?".

Clear story about the product and things behind it. What if you make this page more interactive with video or the product image gallery?


Next with the Product Page I see you can still improve it by adding more rich content, not just using the default product page layout.

For example, below the default product description you could add image + content block to describe better the product benefits.

And one thing I've noticed from myself and online shoppers. "Trust" factor is one thing that can inrease the conversion rate. And going further with the product page why not to add the customers reviews. I see there is genuine one you have from Facebook. The good product with great customer service will definitely an engine for business boost.

However, I'd like to emphasize on the fact that with any optimization you take a look at sales & users numbers. With Google Analytics you can learn even more about your users and make numbers work for you. If you're new with Google Analytics there is the good video series explaining it from Google



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Hi, Jye Eggert

You have a digital marketer here, who has been struggling every day trying to increase conversion rate. Because you ask about conversion rate, so I will assume that you have quite enough traffic to test what I'm going to talk about.

1. Speed up your page

Your landing page is loading really slow, about 6 seconds for the first screen, and 27 seconds for the whole page to finish loading. According to Google Speed Insight, you need to improve a lot, especially on mobile. If you use Facebook, I bet that most of the traffic will come from mobile.

You can try optimizing your image. I use to optimize and minimize my images

2. The $100 - $200 rule!

According to Shopify, if a person buys a product for about $100 - $200 or under, he will not need a personal support, live chat. But for your product, which is about $300 - $400, the customer will need a personal supporter to help them make the decision.

My idea is that the "message us" box is not attractive enough. I suggest you use other app or software, which is more impressive to support and chat with customers

3. Focus on the product page

Expert may advise you to optimize your ad. But I think the most important thing is the landing page. As one of my survey, most of Shopify merchants pull their traffic to the product pages. Product pages are very important. Why? Because it is the last sale point. I think your product page is not strong enough to persuade people to buy

When shopping online, people are fearful of a lot of things. They fear of being deceived or receive a product that they do not actually like it. So you should add some elements to remove that fear

  • Add customer review section so that customers review to show that other people also like it.
  • Add some trust badge to increase your trustworthy.
  • Add a link to shipping & return policy pages. So people will know that they can return if the product is not as expected.

You can also add some elements that push people to buy. For example, for the discount or most feature items:

  • Add a countdown clock to indicate that discount time is running out
  • Add a running-out-of-stock for feature/discount items

You should spend some time learning about website elements that help you increase sales, try going to other big e-commerce site and see how they make their product page

In the end, a customer may feel that the item is not really suitable when taking a closer look. You can add "Similar item" section and "People-also-like item" section to avoid customer from dropping out of your site.

4. Do not just focus on the site, but also traffic

Different sources of traffic bring different conversion rate. I suggest that you use Google Analytics to find out. In Google Analytics, do not have a look at the total Conversion rate, but consider each traffic source's conversion rate individually, you will spot the lower and higher conversion rate traffic source. Invest more time and money on higher conversion rate. This is how I use Google Analytics to increase conversion rate. I just came across this article and think that it perfectly fit your problem

Shopify Conversion Tracking: Conversion rate drops, what to do now?

It's about using Google Analytics, very good technique.

5. Try sale landing page

A landing page is much more focused than a website, I use landing pages for every single marketing campaign. You can use a Page Builder to support you build landing pages. I think Zipify is the best one at sale page template, but really expensive. I recommend you use PageFly, about 25 templates, quite flexible with low cost. It also helps you to track your landing page with Analytics Dashboard. As a digital marketer, I quite love this feature, testing and tracking are quite important for me.


I'm not so sure these things that I just mentioned can help you increase your conversion rate. I just want to share you some idea, your job now is testing, again and again, to find out the best solution for your store. Hope it helps :)