How can i charge the shipping cost double for my rental products

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We have an issue with the shipping charge for the products on linen rental. I tried to create a “Shipping profile” called Linens Rental Products. So when the customer pays for shipping it actually pays shipping 2 times, so I mark up the shipping cost 100%. The big problem is that it’s not showing up the automatically generated product variations. So the brand new generated product variations are showing up as a general product with standard shipping rate. We need to charge shipping twice in advance for this product. Let me know how you can solve this.

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Hey @awaidanjum,

With Shopify shipping profiles, any new items added to your catalog always default to your 'General' shipping profile. We created Automate Shipping Profiles for 2 reasons; one is for merchants with thousands of products so they don't have to spend days (literally) assigning their products to their respective shipping profiles, and the other reason for situations just like yours; it's very easy to forget to go to your shipping settings every time you add a product/variant, which makes it very easy to lose a lot from not charging properly for shipping.

Please note that the app doesn't do rating, it assigns new and updating products to their respective Shopify shipping profiles. If you are looking for more control over your shipping costs beyond what shipping profiles offers, Intuitive Shipping is the perfect fit. 


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