How can i report on a scam ?

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I bought products from this store two weeks ago:
Once the product arrived it was not at all similar at all to what I purchased, not even a bit.
I do not want to elaborate here, but I tried to contact him the only way I had and that is through an email address that is there, and they do not answer me how can I report this store?

thank you all.

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Option a)
Open a support ticket with PayPal and request a refund. Tell the seller you are willing to ship the product back to him on your expense and that you want a full refund.

Option b)
Call your bank and request a chargeback. If you paid with American Express you will get your money for sure. If you paid with VISA or some other card it will take some time but you will be able to get your money. Again include your seller in whole process.


Shopify representative probably wont be able to help you much since they are not accountable for actions of their clients nor they can disclose their clients information, you can only resolve such issues directly with sellers, shop owners


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As above,   contact your bank or paypal and try and raise a complaint that way if you can't get through to the store in question.    If you have the time ,   do let Shopify Support know about it it, they won't be able to comment on the individual website but they will raise the issue internally and can take action against the store if they are breaking the terms of use by selling items not as described etc.    

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Hi @bar60,

So sorry to hear about your situation. I can completely understand the stress and frustration and in having to face these types of issues with your online orders. In fact there's a way for you to report a Shopify store, I recommend you to take a look at this article.

We created a guide on how to avoid scams as a customer too. Take your time to read it to avoid similar situations in the future

Really hope it helps!


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