How can we automatically monitor Shopify's ability to send out emails ?

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We are often informed by our customers with hotmail/outlook mailboxes that emails such as invoices sent from our Shopify store are not received - and this kind of downtime costs sales and loses customer trust.

We have worked on this issue for months and the conclusion is that quite often Shopify's outgoing email servers get blacklisted on the internet and our customers end up with no emails. They don't even end up in their spam folder - they are simply not delivered. 

The problem is that its completely out of our control. Some days Shopify's email servers are good to send - other days they are blacklisted. We also feel that Shopify is not taking this issue serious - every time when we are notified about this issue (yes, sadly our customers have to call us which such matters) we have to call Shopify support and wait for days/weeks until they have fixed the issue. Afterwards we can cross our fingers and hope that it will work stable again. And again - such downtime costs sales and loses customer trust.

I would expect Shopify to fix this issue once and for all, and also setup some kind of automatic monitoring on their backend systems so that all us shop owners would be 100% confident that our emails are actually delivered to our customers inboxes - but this is apparently a dead end.

I therefore want to ask you in this forum - if there's an app, tool, script which can do this kind of check/monitoring ? - ie. for example every 2nd hour automatically send out an email from our shopify store and check that its received in the inbox ?. It could be a dummy customer with a dummy email hotmail/outlook account - and we as the shop owners (or even better Shopify's helpdesk!) would be notified if the email is not delivered ? In a way a simple setup - I just don't know where to start or how to configure it.

Thanks in advance.