How can you get your collections to automatically sort by a given variable?

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I am adding products to my store at the moment, however I would like to sort them by the date the items were released to the public (not the date I add them). I realise I can rearrange the items as I wish in the Collections, but is there a way to get Shopify to do this within a collection automatically?

For example if a product was released on 1 April, I would like it to appear in the collection before the product released on 2 April. I have manually done this, but when you have hundreds of items it will get very time consuming. I have thought a work around would be to include a code in the title to force this to happen, but asthetically that isn't very pleasing. Other shopping cart systems have a sort order facility, so wonder if this exists on Shopify.

Thanks for all your help in advance.

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Hello there, We just added a feature to sort your existing collections by either updated or published date to our app Advanced Collections -


For your use case, I think you are looking to sort by publish date. There is a 7 day free trial so do try it out. Thanks!