How do I add a new product to website template

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Hi everyone,

I have a live website, and am building an updated version in parallel in the theme library.  I've hit a snag which I think should be an easy fix.  I have one product that is live, and want to add 2 more products to the home page, with buttons to click to the product pages.  I have already created the 2 new products under the product menu.  When I try to select one of the products to add to a template for the home page - they do not show up... therefore, although I have created the product pages (draft) - I can't select them to build my updated version.

Could it be that the product must be active to select and add to templates?  I hope not - because then it is prematurely visible on the site (before I finish building the updated website version).

Any help / clarity greatly appreciated.