How do I add a second email address that Shopify Invoices are sent to

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I need to add another administrator to receive the monthly Shopify invoices? I can see they're sent to the account owner, but I need to send to one more person. Where do I set this up?



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Hello Shaun,

Brian here from the Shopify Guru team. :) I hope the lead up to Black Friday is treating you well!

Shopify invoices will only be sent to the account owner's email address. It is not currently possible to have them set to automatically send to another email address too. However, you may be able set up an automatic email forward for the Shopify invoices in your email inbox, such as is shown in this guide for Gmail:

Also, you can actually download all of your invoices as PDF's from within your store's admin, so if it's simply a case of ensuring that your book keeper or similar can keep track of the invoices, this could be a good option. From your admin just head to Settings->Account and then click on the invoice you wish to download. You will then find a download button in the top right corner of the screen. :)

I hope this helps, and if you have any other questions or issues, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us at

Have a lovely day!

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Here is why this solution does not work.

Your invoice emails don't actually have the invoice, they have a link to the invoice. To open the link you need to be logged in... you see how this does not work right? 

The download option is helpful, but the previous issue with the bookkeeper not being able to login prevents this from being useful. 

It would be helpful to just identify one of the accounts as where the invoices should go. 


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Hi, I. have the same issue, Any update on this?
How to get the invoices to other billing address than the owner?

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Interested in this becoming a feature. For wholesalers, we usually have our customers purchasing department make the actual purchases. They always request the invoices be sent to their accounting department so we have to have a third party invoice maker, save as pdf, than email it to their accounting department. I don't know another way how to do it. With the rise in our wholesale customers, we see this process taking more of our customer service reps time. I know Shopify is more of an e-commerce retail platform but this feature built in would be a nice addition moving forward. 

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Please consider adding this as a feature. We really need it. Does anyone from Shopify actually check this?

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Indeed it would be nice.  In fact, it is pretty lame that your software does not do this.  My cloud accounts with Microsoft, Amazon AWS, Google and Atlassian do.  They email and have an attached PDF invoices.  We are at the $300/month plan in July of 2020.  If we consider revising this web site to a larger scale and plan, I will consider switching to a cloud e-commerce vendor that has basic sensible capabilities, such as sending copies of invoices to our payment department.

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Hello Shopify, please either a) attach the actual pdf in the email invoice or b) allow others to access that are not owners pls. Preferably both a and b would be ideal. This is very frustrating!


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Yes please!  we are b2b - we need to send to multiple people to ensure visibility across the decision makers.  SHOP is severly lacking for minor b2b requests like this.