How do I change URLs of products on specific collection pages?

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Hello all, 

On my shopify store, there are 2 possible urls for each product

The top one is no index and canonicalised to the url type below.
However on all collection pages that list all of the related products (so in this case, the hats collection page), the link on the page points to the first type of link (rather than the one that should be prioritised).
I'm trying to figure out how to change the links to make it clearer to search engines, but within shopify admin, the theme editor or the customizer, I just can't see where those links get changed - do you know where i should be looking to change these specific URLs?

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Hi @Eleanor2 !

To answer your question briefly, this has no effect on the way Search Engines index products, they will always use your second URL. As for the first URL this is for Shopify to know and for you to know as well that these URLs came from Collections Listing/Related articles.

I wouldn't worry about that at all, cheers!

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