How do I customize the Admin?

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I'm new to Shopify.  I'm not finding the documentation explaining how to add (to the Admin) inputs (ie textfields, dropdowns, drag n' drop lists, etc) to a custom page template or a product and then spit that info out into a template.  It appears all of the theme templates are for the front-end but how do I access the back-end?




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You don't. Shopify is hosted for you. You get the play all you want with your Shop's front-end, and you can make Apps that use the API and present their own interface to your customers, staff etc. Monkeying around with the Admin is currently not possible for merchants. Perhaps one day soon you could mess with it... but for now... no... 

Why do you need to anyway? Do you have a use case for that that is interesting?


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Hi HunkyBill,

Thanks for the response.  Sounds like Shopify would be completely useless for me.  I usually work on custom designed sites, not ones where someone just tweaks an existing theme.  I don't see how being hosted has anything to do with being able to make new page types. I've glanced at the App API's but it didn't seem like that's what I wanted.  I'll check again.

Every single site I've ever worked on needed extra inputs.  It helps idiot-proof the admin for clients. When I have multiple sections for a page in the admin, I can do more with the HTML & CSS.  You shouldn't ever have Divs, Sections, Articles, Asides, Classes or IDs etc in that Content area.  It's too easy for a client to mess that up.

Some stuff could be done in the settings.html, but it seems limited and wish I could add inputs to the page itself not buried in some theme setting (it takes it out of context).  The settings.html should be for global settings, not page-specific ones.

I'm not asking how to accomplish these, but here are some examples of what I'm trying to achieve:

  • I need to add a rating of sorts (determined by the client) or a label or extra descriptions to each product.  
  • A semi-complex fat footer becomes difficult or impossible without multiple Content areas unless I hard-code it into the template.  That's not good as it removes the ability for the client to edit.
  • I have a Bios page.  My typical workflow in the CMS would be to have a "Add Bio" button on the Bios Page > Upload Image, Name (text field), Job Title (text field), Description (Content type field) > Save.  After saving multiple records (Bios), the client has the option to drag and drop to sort the bios. 
  • Customize the controls on the Content section.  I see that there's a Color option for text and backgrounds.  I wouldn't trust any client to use that wisely.  In a day it would go from "what a beautiful, well designed site" to "wow, you used all the colors, didn't you" ;)  So I would want to customize the options or remove it completely.

I see some of this functionality in the admin, I just need to add more of it.  And maybe some is possible if I understand the Shopify way.


Thanks again


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What if I just want to have a field that shopify offers to appear on my individual product page? 


I need to be able to change my Meta descriptions for each product.




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Have you found a solution yet? Im looking for the same thing, and I would assume that once you add it in the bulk editor, it would allow you to do it in the admin editor.