How do I delete and old website that currently has no plan, there is currently no option to delete?!

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I have recently created a new website that is live, but when I am trying to fulfill my orders for my dropshipping. It is using an old webiste that I created years ago that was created using the same email and so wont let me log in until I have started a plan (which I obviously dont want it to do). I want it to be linked to my new webistes.

Any help would be greatly appreciate as I am getting order that I currently cannot fulfill.##Best Regards





Hi James

This should be the problem of the default connection of the main domain name. You can see here:, which explains in detail how to add a new domain name to Shopify. You only need to have an online store in the Shopify store backstage to transfer the default main domain name.

Hope to help you. 

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I think you should change your primary domain so that it will automatically switch to your new website, in case you do not know how to, this guide: How to Set Your Primary Domain on Shopify will help.

Hope it helps!

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