How do I duplicate my 'Buy Now' button and make it 'Add To Cart'?

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Hey guys,

I have changed my 'Add To Cart' button to a 'Buy Now' button which direct the user to the checkout once clicked. I want to duplicate this button so I can suggest the user 2 options.

I know how to disable the 'direct to checkout' function, but I have no idea how to duplicate it normaly.

Take a look here for reference:

Can you help me?



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Shopify Staff (Retired)
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Hey there!

You'd really just want to duplicate the code for the button: it's located on lines 136 and 137 of the product.liquid.

It's a really similar idea as making another template with the button having a different text, but just adding two complete button codes so they have two options with the same result.

The developer who designed the Theme may be able to lend a hand there. Hope that helps :)