How do I make sure I'll be eligible for the new SSL certificates?

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Hello Shopify,

First of all, THANK YOU SO MUCH for this. I know it's been asked in the past and I'm really grateful you guys have come through for us. I currently use Cloudflare's Flexible SSL to deliver in httpS, but the sitemap was still generated without that precious S... Suffice to say, I'm really happy.

However, as it was only announced last week (I think), I can't activate the SSL Certificate option in the /admin as it says: ​"Your SSL certificates are on the way".

In short: Is there anything I can do to make sure I'll be eligible for this new feature?


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Hey Oliver -

You shouldn't need to do anything here. The rollout is happening in batches so you should see a message on the home page once your store is ready to rock with built in SSL.

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Hey Oliver!

Jesse here with the Shopify Guru team :)

Jason's got it bang on. We're rolling this out to all of our merchants in batches, so keep an eye on your Online Store > Domains tab in your admin. When the feature is available you can activate it there. Be sure to check out our doc on Activating SSL for your storefront to learn more about the process. This is an awesome feature, I'm glad you're excited for it too!

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Hi Jesse,

we just migrated from another https shop to shopify. Since we wanted to use https (and I actually thought it would show up immediately after the move) we are now getting error messages when we browse our site. We have a SSL certificate but now need to wait. Is there a way to get this ssl certificate quicker, it is urgent...



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Apologies for my lack of understanding. 

I'm trying to update my shopify store to use the new SSL option. However my EU cookie policy, which was recommended by Shopify, and hosted by heartinternet is preventing me. I've followed the directions to upload the files to Shopify but, perhaps unsurprisingly as they are a .css and .js files  this hasn't worked.

What do I do next? Where can I get an EU cookie pop-up that will work with the SSL?

Here are the current lines which cause the problem. 

many thanks for you help




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Hey there!

The SSL rollout is happening in stages across various servers on Shopify. You can check the main page of your Admin (Home) for an update card when SSL is ready for your store.

If you still don't see anything after a little while, get in touch with Support at 1-888-746-7439 or and we should be able to take a look. :)

- Alex