How do I respond to comments on blog posts

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Hello, i am also having this problem, my readers are asking questions and i cannot reply directly to them. This is very frustrating, if i reply as a customer visiting the website, the customer I am replying to will not be aware I am replying to them. there is no feature that says reply right below the comment. 





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Nick and Rae, the purpose of comments on a blog is so that people can comment, and the assumption is that you can also respond to their comment. For example, "Wow, I love the green shirt, when will you have it available?" If you're the next commenter, maybe using the customer facing side kind of works. But what if you have a popular post and your response is two or three lines down? Also, people expect a reply to be broken out as a reply, not as another comment somewhere down the list.

Please implement a reply function. The comments section is broken without it.

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@Rae Well it has been WAY over one year and we have seen nothing change. We are still unable to communicate with our customers in the same way we can communicate with you now. The big difference I see is that we want to solve problems, answer questions, and deliver the highest quality service we can for our clients and customers. I do not understand why this issue of not being able to respond to blog comments has been brushed to the back. 

So the big question is, why is responding to comments a no-brainer here on this platform but you will not add it to our blogs? 

Frustrated, Pam

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@Rae Can y'all go ahead and get this put on the development calendar? It's such a basic feature of commenting. Actually, I would argue that comment functionality isn't even complete without it. Take one junior employee and task her with this job for one day. 

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this continues to be a major point of failure for Shopify store owners


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Agreed. We have comments turned off, because there isn't an adequate way of
responding, but a lot of our core customers would prefer to engage with us
on our blog instead of social media or email. I haven't found an app that
can do this basic feature either.
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I think Shopify has made it clear that they don't care about this and will not address it.
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This is another one of those Shopify Head Scratching Whoppers. Similar to not having the ability to assign different sized boxes to different products.
Shopify has the best ecommerce platform by far so when we see no-brainer stuff like this it just makes us go WTH?

Please go slap someone on the head to make this get developed. Should be easy!

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I agree this is poor form on shopify's end for not enabling a BASIC function.

I'd really like to reply to customer's comments on blog posts internally - so that they may even get a notification that it's been replied to

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Hi everyone, 

I've spoken to a number of merchants frustrated by this problem. I've created an app that addresses it as best as possible. 

The app:

- sends you an email notification for each comment

- lets you approve or delete the comment from the email

- you can reply to the email to post a new comment

- you see the commenter's email address.


I was hoping to make it free but it was a fair bit of work in the end so there is small monthly charge.

You can check it out here:

Hope it helps!