How do I respond to comments on blog posts

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So to better understand your response you are saying you are deleting my posts and not answering my questions. I am extremely concerned about the censoring of this issue. My posts are mine they were not offensive. They were me showing concern for a much-needed function.

I am now more than ever disappointed with the customer service offered by Shopify.

With regrets, Pam Mehlin

Laughing Ogre Press

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If possible will you share with me any response you get from customer service, I have not had much luck with them either. Although, that was almost 2 years ago. 

Thanks, Pam

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@pjmmpls , we are not censoring - your post wasn't removed.  

What we are going to be doing is removing posts that asks for an update only since they create clutter in the thread and result in duplicate feedback as others discover this topic. This is based on past experience with several other popular feature request topics.Your post asked for an update, and included a question so I apologize for @Nick failing to address that initially.

He did provide feedback about your question here, but did not tag you - sorry.

To recap, this community, and your Shop use two different platforms so this isn't a case of Shopify choosing to not 'enable' an option - these are two separate properties.

@trachorn, I received your support ticket and thank you for the feedback. We are trying to implement some automation here but for now rely on our feedback loops internally so when we are told 'Feature X has been delivered' we can take action and follow-up on our tickets, and topics such as this one. 

To all, we understand how important this feature is, and your feedback has been previously captured, and continues to be captured but due to volume we are unable to reply to every 'is there an update' type post that comes in which is why we post a statement like we did to let you know we will update the moment there is more information to share. 

Thank for your understanding 

TyW | Online Community Manager @ Shopify 
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I’ve had the same problem - so frustrating! The point of a blog is to start a conversation -

please fix it.

Joe from

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Hi there, please add me to this list too. Part of the whole point of a blog is to be able to engage with people, so NOT having this feature is just silly. This shouldn't be something we have to pay extra just to have. With the current functionality lacking a reply feature, you're only essentially offering half of a service. Please fix, and please fix quickly!

-Hazel Lehtonen @ Persephone Love

Store link within Shopify:

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Hey Jon thanks for putting time into this!   I wanted to try this out but got a 404 error.  


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Hi Colleen,

Thanks for letting me know. Can you email and we'll try to get your trial set up?




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I am interested in having a reply feature for comments on my blog. My url is