How do you get your products added to your pages?

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Hi,  I have set up my store and added pages but I am having difficulty getting my products added to those pages.  When I go to "pages" there isn't a place to add a product to that page.  I have checked the "products" page and have attempted to add the products that way by listing the page name but still, it's not moving the product under the page.  What am I doing wrong?  Can anyone offer step by step instructions so I can do it myself?  I need to get my store up and I have attempted to do this for the last few days and am getting frustrated.  I can't seem to figure it out or find anything that can help under Compass.  I'm sure it's easy, I just need help getting it started.  TIA.

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You don't actually add products to the Pages you create in Shopify.

These Pages are primarily used for text content stuff like Terms and Conditions or Return Policies.


Products in Shopify are linked to Collections. So if you want a page that lists specific products, you'll have to create a Collection and then add products to that Collection. A product can be assigned to multiple Collections.

In order to then add that Collection to your store so visitors can get to that page, you'll have to create a link to the main menu (or any sub menu) to that Collection.
You can do this at Online Store > Navigation. When entering in the "link" a popup will appear where you can select Collections and then whatever Collection you have created.


I hope this helps.