How does the third party apps provide more than 100 variants?

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I'm creating a shop that needs more than 100 variants (in my case colors) and I need to track the inventory and the SKU for each product. An small example would be:


Product A - SKU A01

  • Blue - 10 in inventory - $ 10 - SKU: A02
  • Red - 5 in inventory - $10 - SKU: A03
  • Indigo - 10 in inventory - $10 - SKU: A04
  • Yellow - 7 in inventory - $10 - SKU: A05
  • ... more than 100 colors


I have seen that I can not overcome the 100 variants limitation but I can see that there are some apps that could let me do it:


* Infinite Options
* Product Options by Bold
* Product Customizer
* Product Builder


How can this apps overcome the shopify limitation? do they have an obscure API access?


I can think of the following solutions:


  1. The apps create a master product then several children where they populate the variants information and sku, for example something like is described in here:
  2. The apps manage the variants as a metafield for the product ( where they store the characteristics of the product, then through their own UI let's you manage the metafields information like the SKU, Price and Inventory. Then through several endpoints and webhooks you get the "inventory" tracking, this inventory is not part of Shopify but it's part of the third party app. This option let's me wondering how they achieve "dynamic pricing" for each variant.
  3. The apps create a new product for each variant then through correct linking when selecting the "options" the system shows you the correct product, similar to this:


Do you know which option are they using?


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Hey @Alejandro10 ,

I also need to track inventory for over 100 variants. I was planning on installing one of the apps that you mentioned but am afraid they will not track inventory of each variant.

Were you ever able to find a solution that allows for over 100 variants and correctly tracks all inventory?