How is your shopify bill paid? What happens after trail?

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I wouldn't need shopify every month. Only off and on. Is the bill paid manually each month via cc or is your cc charged?

What happens the months I don't pay. Would I still have access to the admin section with my settings and products retained?



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Hey Stacy,

Your Shopify bill gets charged automatically to the credit card on file each month. If you're unable to pay - for example, if your credit card doesn't have sufficient funds - the system will attempt to make payment again a few days later. 

Ultimately, if the bill doesn't get paid, your store gets frozen and you will need to pay the outstanding invoice before being able to reactivate it. 

Shopify guarantees to keep your store's data safe for up to 30 days after closing or being frozen, so as long as you're not going many months in between closing and opening the store, you should be good to go. It usually takes upwards of a year before your data is actually purged - but I can't promise it will always be like that, so it's best to move to the Paused Plan which is $14/month if you're not planning on selling - that way, your data is 100% kept secure, and people can actually still visit your site and browse products (they just can't purchase anything). 

Hope this helps,

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Now that my trail just ended, the basic package is $78 not $30 something. 

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That's the middle plan. The Basic plan is $29 and the Advanced is $299.

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What if my bank doesn't do foreign banks?