How many of you guys are actually making money?

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Hello! I have been trying shopify a few times during 2018, not too serious (only spent 100$ on ads) but did not make one sale. I understand that you need to spend more to make money - but anyway i am just curious to see how many of you guys that are actually making money off this stuff.

I do not really trust all the youtubers and other "gurus" whom only wants to cash in on that ad revenue and sell their overpriced course to kids - and when even these people upload videos with the title "Is Shopify Finally Dead???!" i am getting sort of thoughtful if there is barely anyone out there who is really profiting of dropshipping these days. But we are entering the time of year where sales come easier - so i am basically thinking about trying it again and spending more - both time and money in to it this time.

So i would gladly hear some stories on your history with dropshipping and if/how you are successful.


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Oh, I understand your point pretty well. I have been involved in drop-shipping since 2016 and must admit that for the last two years the situation got really worse. With all of these lockdowns due to covid I barely have any profit. I know very experienced people who stopped their activity because they didn't earn anything. To be honest, it's better to play games in online casino if you want to earn something. I have read a Mister X Review and already tried to play there.  I liked the fact that they give bonuses for your first deposits which really helps you not to spend a lot of money.

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Put in the time and it can work. 


Try this. Look at your interests. Look at a niche within them.


Find a product that fits into this super niche. Go to facebook groups, test out questions and ideas.


Find out who your target customer is, or create a target customer.


Emotionally connect with them through design, copy, and product.


Make it all congruent.


Then, make advertise.


Boom. You're making money.


Too hard? Go to the 9-5.


Sound interesting? Learn photoshop, sketch, figma, buy copywritting books, web design. Learn a little code. Just enough.


Then launch.