How new stores can build trust with customers?

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Building trust with customers is key to drive growth and revenues.

Trust is first coming from how you present your store and products to your customers. It begins by making a good first impression. This can be accomplished by having (a) a fast website, (b) a beautiful design, (c) an imaginary introduction banner, (d) informative descriptions for products, (e) trust signals (secure point of sale, free returns, trust badges, etc), (f) high-quality photos, (g) and of course a good copy and being clear in your messaging.

If you've done all these, the second part of trust is coming from how others introduce your products. Otherwise, how new visitors make sure your products are as awesome as you know? This can be accomplished by displaying your customers’ experiences in your store. In today's eCommerce world, people trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation from their friends and family.

So the key here is to turn your happy customers into your best marketers. And that's why we've built our new app called FarOut. Using our photo-review feature, you can collect your customers’ glowing reviews by sending customized emails and offering a discount. Then, FarOut displays those amazing reviews on your store.

In addition, FarOut lets all your customers spread the word about your products on their social media by creating their own content and mentioning your social media page. It basically turns every customer into an influencer.

Now, the best part is that you can actually get it FREE for the first year (but only for the first 20 merchants), with no commitment or anything! Just install the app through the link below. Your one-year trial also covers all FarOut future features, which we keep building towards our goal to be the all-in-one app that meets all your marketing needs.

If you want to get on board or have any questions, just call or text me at +1-703-887-9980, or you can respond to this post, whatever you like. 

I'm excited for you to get more reviews and social media buzz, more customers, and more revenue!

Talk soon!  

Sina Dabiri

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Thanks for your share. A strong brand can also help new stores build trust with customers, for the detail, you can read here: How to Build a Strong Brand? The Ultimate Guide.


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