How often does SHOPIFY answer questions?

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For people who are already using shopify, I would like to hear your views:

I'm thinking of signing up, currently trying out the 14day trial but it seems like I'm facing a lot of difficulties building the site.

1) I sent an email to shopify regarding some questions but have not received any reply after 2 days. Are they slow in replying questions or dont reply at all? How do we solve technical problems when we face any?

2) I find that the ecommence site is very difficult to build. Though it has minimal design template, which seems easy, it is beyond easy. I am having a hard time figuring out the admins and stuff... Anyone encounter that?

3) Is it possible to add discount code if I have a special sale on my site?

4) My contact form went missing. How can I reset to default?

5) How can my customers change their details eg. Mailing address, name, etc?

I have loads of other questions, these are just some... Hear from you guys. Thanks in advance.








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Hey there,

Sorry to hear that there has been a delay in response for your support email.  Shopify does its very best to keep the turnaround time on email support requests as low as possible, and there is definitely a response sent personally by a Shopify Guru to every support request that we receive.

1) If you're finding that the lengthier-than-ideal turnaround time is interfering with your workflow, we invite you to contact our 24/7 support department via phone at 1-888-SHOPIFY (1-888-746-7439) or via our Live Chat feature.  I see that one of our Guru Team, Thea, was able to respond to the support ticket that you've submitted, so that's great!

2) The platform has been created so that it should be relatively straightforward to create the site and utilize the admin pages.  Please email me with whatever specific issues you're running into, & I'll be happy to help you through them.  In addition, check out when you need help with specific functions - it's a searchable manual for Shopify that should help you troubleshoot issues you might be encountering.

3) There is a discount code engine included in certain Shopify plans - if it's inlcuded in yours, simply head to your admin>Discounts tab to get them configured.  Here is the link to our documentation on discounting:

4) That might be best discussed over email, for I see on your site that there is a 'Contact Us' link with a contact form in place.  Let me know if you need further assistance with this.

5) If you're referring to customer accounts, then a customer who has an existing account could log in and change their data, absolutely.

Hope this is helpful, feel free to email me directly anytime.

All the best,

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Thanks Matty.



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To answer question 1...

I have learned that sending an email request for support will take anywhere between 2-4 days for a personal response. Go the route of live chat -- that is, if it's available when you need help.

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Consider another platform.

The idea that the platform is "relatively straightforward" reflects an attitude that you should figure it out for yourself which isn't necessarily wrong.  YES you can research each tiny question yourself and flip through the forums or wiki.  OR you can sign up with a platform like bigcommerce that offers everything shopify does, but also assigns someone to you to get your store up and running and answer any questions you may have.

Big Commerce, Yahoo and other platforms also have you permanently assigned to someone who reviews your site from time to time , keeps an eye on your traffic and calls with suggestions or even just to say I"I noticed a dip in your keyword rankings   Would you like some help figuring out the cause and what we can do to fix it?"  That would NEVER happen with shopify.

My perception is that Shopify is oriented towards the functionality of the platform but doesn't have a true customer service/support orientation with respect to the merchants using the platform.  For example, if you search for something on the forums, 80-90% of the questions say "THIS ANSWER IS OUTDATED" but do not have a link to the updated information. You can also see the same questions being asked over and over again with no response from Shopify.  The call line for shopify has very long waits and is generally not very useful.  A 2-4 day wait time for email responses is frankly disgraceful and also out of line with what you can expect elsewhere.

Also, some BUT NOT ALL of the shopify Guru's can be a bit weird/unhelpful on the forums.  There is a gem where one of them went off on a merchant who wasn't grateful enough for her taking the time to respond ("how about a thank you")  :-( and another where someone asked for a feature and got a response that plenty of other people were selling a lot without that feature so the merchant should just deal with it.  That kind of junk should be deleted because it looks bad and can be disheartening at 2 am when you're trying to fix something on your site and reading through snarky comments from the company that is hosting your livelihood.  

I like the platform overall, it's slick, well built and has robust features.  However, if your primary misgiving is a concern about customer support, your instincts are not incorrect.

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What support?  I am now on day 5 for waiting for a response to my email.  Pretty sad!  With my previous platform I would have a response within an hour or two.