How should I group products that belong to a recipe: by tag or collection?

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I am new to Shopify and I am trying to create a recipe website. The website shows recipes for free but its related ingredient/products are for selling.


I created a custom product template and my current setup to get related products to a Recipe is by tag. For example, the recipe is called Gyudon( and its ingredients are(beef, sake, soy sauce, ajinomoto, ginger past). On the admin side of Gyudon, I will create a tag called "gyudon". I will also tag the ingredients of gyudon with "gyudon" so the slider looks like below screenshot:



My current problem is that as I add recipes on the website there are also products with the same brand that is also used for other recipes. We don't want to create new product with same brand for a new recipe because the stock/quantity will be difficult to handle in the long-term. For example, in gyudon recipe sake with the brand Seven Premium Cooking Sake is being used on other recipes like asari no misoshiru(


The current technique I use is to create a tag called Seven Premium Cooking Sake then use this tag on gyudon and asari no misoshiru recipes. The problem with this technique is that the slider does not display the other ingredients of gyudon, it only displays those produdcts/recipes that has the tag Seven Premium Cooking Sake.


gyudon problem.JPG


Do you have any idea how can I group the ingredients to a recipe/product properly including those ingredients that are used among other recipes? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks