How should I list a "pre-order" or "coming soon" item in my Store? Options to do this...?

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A question about listing productions in the Shopify store collection that are "coming soon" or "available for pre-order" or "contact if interested".


Basically I'll be listing a few products on my store that I have inventory and have a larger list of many things my audience could potentially want that I have NOT brought in inventory yet. I'd like to list them all and find a way for people to indicate what they want so I can choose the ones with the most interest to bring in.


Perhaps making people go through a checkout for an pre-order item that they don't have to pay for is too much work. On the OTHER HAND, if I ask people to prepay it could work, but not the most efficient as most people wouldn't that.

Ideally if I have a way to get their contact info and what they are interested in....through the shopping cart and product page that has a photo and description of that item. How would I do that?


And yes, the response rate may be small, but another reason to do is this to show other items that may show up in my branded store. I'd like to list the products in my store as well, to tease people to stay tuned.


Any advice is appreciated.


Hello there,


This might help you get there: You should see a similar box as shown below on your product pages. It is template specific, but I believe that most themes have a product.preorder item listed in there. 

Theme template.JPG

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