How to Associate Shopify's Product Catalogue (on FB) with my FB Pixel

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Also have this issue. I'm guessing manual export is the only way this can be fixed?

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Also have this issue, cant solve it any solutions??

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Hi all,

What if you go to Business settings > Catalogues >  + Add  > Request access to a catalogue > Choose the catalogue.  

Then once you have access to the catalogue maybe you can use the pixel ?


Will that help?

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Nope, doesn't work for me. No catalogs appear. Also says my catalog is owned by Shopify when I navigate to catalogs inside the Business Manager. Maybe that's why.

Still can't associate my pixel too, always wants to do the personal one (even after I disabled it)

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I am having the exact same issue and have been in contact with Shopify 'Gurus' for no less than a month.  They are unable to resolve and seem to just be using delay tactics with their responses.  

Its driving me crazy.  Surely someone should be able to offer some advice?  SHOPIFY?

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I have literally spent HOURS trying to figure this out and finally did. I also think I have a better understanding of how it all works now. 

For those of you who see "Shopify" as the business manager account, go ahead and delete the catalog. It just won't work.

Inside of business manager, navigate to your Catalog section and hit Create Catalog.

You should be presented with a drop down menu which asks you the following: Select the business that your catalog will belong to and give your catalog a name

Assuming you have a business manager account, select this.

Enter in your RSS feed (use the Flexify app).

Once the catalog is created and the products are imported, you should see a list of catalogs in a table.

Under your role, it'll either say not assigned or your name, under account it should say your Business Manager and then it should list the number of items.

Go to Business Settings (top right blue button).

On the left, go to catalogs and you should see your product catalog there. Select it and then you'll be able to add people. Add your name.

While you're here, make sure to click "Associate Sources" and make sure the correct FB pixel is selected.

At the end of this, your business settings should look like this:

1. The FB page in question is owned by your business manager

2. The ad account associated with the page is owned by you business manager

3. Under Catalogs, it should be owned by your business manager account and properly associated to the correct FB pixel

4. You should see your FB pixel under the pixels area, it should be owned by your business manager and the ad account is properly connected to the correct one under assigned assets

Hopefully that helps!

But bottom line, if you see "Shopify" as the account, it's not set up properly and you need to delete it and follow my instructions above.

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So you're basically saying that the Facebook shop app doesn't work?

I've been stuck in the same situation for weeks now. I also see "Shopify" as the owner of my catalogue :-/

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I'm having the same issue with my shopify catalog.

I've searched everywhere and there is no perfect solution yet. Your solution is possible but there are also 2 possible issues with it:

1. The flexify app only allows for up to 1000 produts for the free version. My shop has 1500 so it doesn't actually load one third of my products.

2. The flexify app catalogs do not show a sale price on a tagged product on a page post. So if your product is on sale, the compare at price does not show up, only the sale price anad it looks like it's the original price which is misleading.

What I have going on on my fb account is the automatic Shopify catalog AND a manual catalog.
For product tagging on posts that are on sale, I use the automatic Shopify catalog.
For all other tagging and product catalog campaigns I use the manual catalogs as the pixel is associated with them.

It's really annoying that neither Shopify nor facebook are addressing this issue. We always have to use crazy workarounds their bugs and lack of support.

Let's hope the pixel association will be taken care of soon.

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Same issue here.

I can associate catalog to a pixel in my personal facebook add account. But not the pixel in business manager account.

I tried creating new pixel in business manager account, but it didn't work

Did anyone try to remove Facebook integration from Shopify and recreate it? I think maybe the creation of catalog for Facebook pages managed under business accounts is broken. 


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Same issue. Wasted so much time and still no satisfying solution. Could not create a new pixel, that scrapes the products without tons of error messages. I will try it again, but it is so annyoing. I am also flabbergasted that no one else is talking about it. Everybody should come accross this issue. What are all the other 1.000.000 active user doing? They just don't use Facebook with their Shopify store? Or they connected it, but did not care about the error message "Connect Catalog to Event Sources".

I assume most people just ignore this error message. So what happens if we ignore it? The pixel tracking will not work properly? When I go to a product, the Facebook Pixel helper plug-in displays the error message "This pixel is not paired with any product catalog." I assume that thousands of Shopify stores have this error message, but nobody cares about it.