How to Associate Shopify's Product Catalogue (on FB) with my FB Pixel

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Can somebody at SHOPIFY please help us with this issue?

I have also tried everything, and I simply can not connect my Catalog with my Facebook Pixel.

I tried to add all the Pixel events manually, but I can not find the automized ones that Shopify apparently automatically integrated using their dynamic SUPPLY theme.

I am out of ideas, and this is very annoying.

I already set up 3 ads that I am paying a lot for. is my page, and I really dont know why I can not integrate my Catalog with my Facebook Pixel.

SHOPIFY, can you help? It is not working as it is supposed to.

The closest I got was using Flexify App (Shopify App), but I still got the error below:

1 Error

These errors must be fixed.


Missing "Purchase" event in KoliBright's Pixel



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I have the same issue.

What's the point of having a catalog if you can't access it to connect a pixel to it?



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Well, if we all have the same issue than it must be a Shopify error.

Wants me to make me want to try another solution before the trial ends.

I worked so hard on it, and now this.
I got it to work, but its a half-half solution, and I am not sure if the pixel is firing correctly.

Do you also get a new product catalog created that is owned by Shopify which you can not connect to your pixel?

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In the same boat here, I thought I would spend some time setting up some Dynamic adverts today and so I created around 15 products sets to work with, as soon as I hit "advertise this set" it tells me that I am not the owner of the catalogue and so I cant advertise... Nice?!? 

I would love to know what the hell we are supposed to do now Shopify? it is imperative to our bisiness that we take advantage of all the marketing tools available to our competitors and one of those is dynamic advertising from our product catalogue on facebook.


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Same problem here. Really annoying problem. 

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Same issue making me crazy !

I have deleted all and let's do it once more time... Zennnn.....

@Louckser87 , I am following your advices but there is a detail I do not get. I have installed the Facebook Product Feed by Flexify, clicked onto the URL feed and got to some code.

But I do not know where to copy/paste that code as I am missing some info :(

> Enter in your RSS feed (use the Flexify app).

Once the catalog is created and the products are imported, you should see a list of catalogs in a table. <

Could you please let me know where :)

Thank in advance !



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I spoke to Shopify today regarding the inability to associate/pair a FB pixel with the product catalog created via the Shopify "Sales Channel".

Their short answer: It isn't "necessary"

I disagree. From what I can tell, I'm unable to dynamically retarget FB ads unless I've associated/paired my FB pixel to the product catalog. So, it's necessary.

Let's be honest – Shopify isn't going to do/change/resolve this issue.

So, what's the best alternative? Especially for a store that experiences price changes daily on products.

A) Exporting products from Shopify, updating the export file as necessary and then uploading it to Facebook (to create a new catalog)?

B) Flexify at $29/month? Judging by this thread the free version lacks key features.

C) Something else?

If you've solved this issue, please let me know how.

Thx in advance!

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Hi guys, I'm running into the same problem.

I found this on facebook's page. What if.. instead of using the shopify feed we create a new feed dynamically?

I'm kind of new to the platform, so I wanted to bounce this idea with you guys.


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Hello guys,

I just created a forum account just to share the way I achieved it. :)

You will need the Shopify Business Manager ID. You can get it by going to the Shopify-created catalog, and then Settings. There you will see something like this:

This catalog belongs to the business Shopify. You can manage permissions around who can see and edit your catalog.

After you got the number, follow these steps:

1) Go to your business manager settings 

2) Go to Data Sources > Catalogs and select the pixel you want you use 

3) Go to Assigned assets > Partners > Assign partner and paste here the Shopify Business Manager ID

After you grant permissions to Shopify on your pixel, you should now be able to connect the Catalog with the pixel. You can do so going to the Catalog > settings > event sources and selecting the pixel.

It worked flawlessly and now i'm getting the data correctly. Hope it works for you guys.


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Can you clarify how to get the Shopify Business Manager ID - when I go to my SHopify created catalog in Business manager, and go to settings, I do not get the prompt that you've got listed her so am wondering what is going wrong on my end. 

I log into Business Manager > Catalog > click on the catalog I want to use > settings. All I get at this point is my account ID and fields for my address / tax id etc. 

Can you include screeshots of yoru step by step ? Thanks