How to Associate Shopify's Product Catalogue (on FB) with my FB Pixel

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This trick works!! thanks !!!! Really full of bug on shopify with FB catalog


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Hey guys,


I got the same problem and was struggling for hours.

Step 1:  What I did is creating a new campaign, choose conversion, sell from catalog.

Step 2: Next step choose below the Shopify catalog with your products and go to the next page, now Facebook is asking you to connect this catalog to a Facebook pixel. Choose your pixel and Facebook connected it with the Shopify catalog :)



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hey peter,

i tried the method you said, but i am still not getting the pixels in my catalogue owned by shopify. And when checked in my business settings it saying request pending pls help what should i do now

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I've found that this is a multi-step process that created two catalogs. The first catalog is created as soon as you add the Facebook pixel to Shopify. The second is created once you finish setting up the "Facebook Marketing" app within Shopify.

Before you start adding pixels or connecting Facebook to Shopify, make sure that your Facebook Business Manager account is populated with your Company Page, People and Facebook Ad Account (with payment method). Then, follow the steps under Business Settings > Events > Data Sources > Pixels to create your pixel and insert it into Shopify under Online Store > Preferences. Within Shopify, you will want to complete "Facebook Marketin" app set-up by connecting to the right Facebook accounts and agreeing to the terms of service. After all of that has been taken care of, go back to Facebook Business Manager > Catalogs > and (2) catalogs will appear. The first catalog is owned by Shopify (yes, the one everyone has had trouble trying to associate with their pixel. The second catalog should be owned by "insert your company name". You should be able to click on the catalog name, scroll down to Edit Sources, and assign a pixel, user access, etc. 
- Complete "Facebook Marketing" app set-up within Shopify
- Then, go back to Facebook Business Manager > Catalogs > Select 

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I used your code but for some reason only the first image is getting fetched. I want to run catalogue ads with multiple images. Kindly help.



here is the work instruction


Insert pixel ID from the beginning:


1. Log in to your shopify account.
2. Enter the store
3. Insert the pixel id:
     a) go to sales channels,
     b) go to the online store,
     c) go to preferences
     d) we find the facebook pixel ID field, and insert the ID of our pixel into it.
4. Save below.



Now upload the goods from shopify to facebook:


1. Install the feed product application here
2. Activate the free version
3. Take the link to your feed in the facebook tab. More detailed instruction

4. Follow the link to connect catalog
5. Click on create directory and connect the link taken from Feed product. Here is a detailed step-by-step instruction:

You are now ready to run dynamic ads. Because Feed product will always keep the catalog up-to-date so that the most popular products are displayed on facebook and Instagram).



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