How to Get Your Disabled Facebook Ad Account Back

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How to Get Your Banned Facebook Ad Account Back

Hi everyone, Kyle here. This is just a short section from my full article on why your facebook ad account gets disabled and HOW to get it back. I know it can be really frustrating especially if your ecomm shop relies heavily on fb ads. so lets take a look at how you can quickly start running ads again.


At some point in time, everyone who runs facebook ads will eventually get their facebook ad account disabled! It’s bound to happen sooner or later!

But that doesn’t mean you should kick your desk to the ground, curse at the clouds, and then give up on Facebook ads.

A few people who have had their facebook ad account disabled… have successfully got their ad account back

The first time I got my facebook ad account disabled was when I ran an ad promoting weight gain tips for skinny men who are struggling to gain weight.

I ran the ad…

Waited for it to be approved…

And then…

I got the big bright red colored notification from facebook:

“your ad account has been flagged…”

My heart sank…


I wasn’t able to edit or change the ad

I didn’t understand what was going on?!

Facebook said I didn’t follow the guidelines, and claimed that I violated their ad policy

So I checked and rechecked the ad policy again, and again…

But I was confident that I did NOT do anything wrong!

“Maybe it’s just an error in Facebook automated system” I thought.

So I appealed hoping to talk to a real human representative

But sadly, after a few hours…

I got an email reply back:

Your account has been disabled for not following Facebook’s Advertising Guidelines.

Your account was disabled for running misleading ads that resulted in high negative feedback from people on Facebook.

For this reason, we will be unable to reactivate either. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Please consider this decision final.


I was so frustrated!

they just gave me a generic email reply and didn’t even tell me what I specifically did wrong!

I was desperate to find a solution, so I went online and did a TON of research and I found out that a lot of people struggle with this same problem with no luck!

After months of research, I finally found a way to start running ads again… even if Facebook says the decision is final.



In short, there’s only 2 ways to get your ads back up ad running:

1. Appeal

2. and/or create a new Facebook ad account via Facebook business manager



First and foremost…

Before you appeal, or decide to create a new facebook ad account from the business manager..

You need to understand WHY your facebook ad account got disabled in the first place so that after you appeal, or create a new ad account… you won’t repeat the same mistake that got your facebook ad account disabled in the first place!



Common mistakes that result in immediate shut down


1. Frequently logging in to Facebook or your Ads Manager from multiple locations (different IP’s).

If Facebook sees multiple logins from different IP locations, facebook will temporarily disable your ad account from potential hack and fraud.

This is a safety measure from facebook to keep you safe, and you’ll have to go through many hoops to get your account back!

If you travel a lot, you can use facebook’s ad manager app on your phone to avoid this problem from happening.

2. Non-compliant landing page

Facebook not only looks at your ads if its policy compliant, but also your landing page!

3. Misleading ad and landing page

If your ad promises a free pdf, but your landing page requires an email signup to get the pdf… this is considered misleading. Because you’re promising a free pdf in your ad, and yet.. They need to fill in their email on the next page

your landing page should promise the same thing that your ad says.

4. Unclear intentions on your landing page

the user must know exactly what they are getting when they sign up for your offer. will they be sent a video or a pdf? will they have the info emailed to them or will someone be calling them?

state your intentions clearly. the user should know exactly what to expect from you when they grab your offer.

5. Not displaying trusted business elements on EVERY landing page

Your landing pages must include your full business address/contact details, business name, business logo, disclaimers, links to your privacy policy and terms of use, and any other legal information specific to your industry.

Tips: you may also include a ‘non affiliation’ note in the footer that says your page is not affiliated with facebook at all

Image source

6. Popups!

If you are directing facebook ads traffic to a landing page, your landing page can NOT have any pop-ups, pop-overs, pop-unders, or auto-playing video or audio.



Facebook ads Do’s & Dont’s

Facebook wants to protect their users. They want their users to feel safe and comfortable using Facebook. If users feel uncomfortable, they’ll end up leaving facebook and use other competing social media.

So that’s why facebook is being strict on what you can, and CANNOT do when running ads.

You can study the full facebook ad policy here >>

But as a short overview, here’s what NOT to do when running ads to avoid your account from being shut down:

You can’t give a claim or promise a specific result. Example: “do this to lose weight in 3 days”

Avoid giving false claims, or promising a specific result–because not everyone will achieve the same results.

Maybe your offer is amazing and may promise a specific result, but it’s best that you let your ad copy be generic and neutral such as, “healthy tips to lose weight”

You can’t call the users out, or make them feel insecure about themselves. Example: “are you fat? Here’s how to be skinny”

Avoid talking about the user, and focus on what you are offering instead

“Free weight loss guide” is ok because you are talking about a free guide that you are offering.

“Do you* want to lose weight?” is not ok because you are calling the user out.

And you can’t:

1. Promote illegal services or products

2. Promote ads that discriminate race, religion, etc..

3. use ads that promote “the ideal body” that will make the user feel insecure about themselves

4. sell other sensitive products and services that facebook frowns upon such as tobacco, e-cigarette, vape, etc.

Although you can’t promote and sell these types of sensitive products that will get an immediate shut down, there is a way to work around it–you can promote an article FIRST, get people to signup as a lead, and promote and sell your stuff in your email after.

You can study the facebook ad policy in full details here >>




How to get your ad account back

So now that you know what you can’t do…

maybe you’ll start to get an idea what you might have done wrong that caused your facebook ad account to be disabled…?

First, you can fix the issue that might have caused your facebook ad account to be shut down.

If you believe you didn’t violate any ad policy at all and it’s just a mistake from Facebook’s part.


Next, you can try your luck and appeal to facebook. Send them a polite message that explains your situation. Talking to facebook representatives can be hard.

Usually the first rep you get cant do anything to help you. You need to reach out to a higher level facebook rep that CAN help you.

(I wont talk about facebook reps here but you can click here to find out more on what to say to facebook reps to get them to help you get your ad account back)

And then, if you still can’t get it back…

you can proceed to create a new Facebook ad account!


There’s a process to getting a new ad account that doesn’t get you immediately shut down

Once your ad account is disabled, you are not allowed to use the same personal Facebook account, and credit card that you used from the previous disabled ad account.

If facebook finds out you’re running ads again… they will disable the new ad account as well!


you can’t create a new personal account because facebook doesn’t allow fake, or duplicated personal accounts. If you get caught, you’ll get immediately shut down as well!


the best way to get a new ad account is to not let facebook catch you having any connection with the new ad account you’re about to set up!

Which means…

you’ll have to get a new card, and then reach out to your friends and families to create a new ad account for you via the facebook business manager–Make sure that they only use facebook for looking at funny cat pictures, and will never use it to run ads for business.

Here’s the process I’ve used to create my new ad account to start running ads again. Its a quick and simple way to get your ad account back. But it can be quite risky.

(i talk about a safer method to use to create a new ad account here. it's a longer and more troublesome process but much safer to fly under the radar. for now, im sure many of you need might need to get your ad accounts back up quikly so we'll discuss that here)

1. Apply for a new prepaid debit card.

Just google and apply for a prepaid debit card that is available in your country! I’m from Malaysia, and I use ‘Airasia BIG Prepaid (virtual) debit card’.

Each time you get your Facebook ad account disabled, you can apply for a new prepaid debit card to open up a new one!

2. Create a facebook business manager.

image source

If you’ve never created a business manager account before, you can create one yourself

But If you’ve already created a business manager account and it got shut down. You can reach out to a friend, or family member you trust and have them create a brand new business manager account for you.

Go to, and follow the steps from that page to create the business manager account.

3. Have them make you the admin.

Go to your business manager settings to do this.

Business settings > people > add new people

Once you’re the admin, you can now login and have full access of the business manager account.

Remember to never login and use your friends or family’s account because facebook will think that you are a hacker trying to access their account, and this will risk getting the whole account flagged.

4. Create all new 5 ad accounts immediately.

With a facebook business manager account, you can create a maximum of 5 ad accounts…

If you only create 1 ad account, and that one gets disabled, then you won’t be able to create a new one.

so you should immediately create all maximum 5 ad accounts as soon as possible for backup purposes. Just name each ad account as 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5.

Business settings > ad accounts > add new ad account > create a new ad account

5. Use your new ad account with your new prepaid debit card

You can go to power editor and launch your new ad campaign, and then use the new prepaid debit card for that ad account.

Power editor > choose ad account that you want to work with > create and launch your ad > assign the new prepaid debit card with the new ad account


so that’s all I really did to get a new ad account and start running ads again!

I’ve read other people’s advice to change your IP address, and use a different computer when creating your ad account. But I didn’t bother with these and I was still able to have a new running ad account.



I really really hope this helps!

I know how frustrating it can be when your ad account gets banned or flagged. Especially if your ecomm business relies heavily on facebook advertising

Let me know if you have any questions at all! I'll be glad to help you out!

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my facebook account got disabled. i submitted my photo id about two weeks ago and have not heard from them yet. i went ahead and ask my friend to add me to his facebook account and make me his admin. my question is: Do i change my business name or domain? will facebook find out?

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most of the time, when i see such cases, people are promoting affiliate products with site looking low quality...had done spamming in past by they stuck...


only option, appeal, try new acc or else


i may check such as i have resolved few , you may contact me here



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I have 2 ad accounts using the same card. One just recently disabled by FB, no luck after numerous appeal. Can I shift to the 2nd ad account and run the ads smoothly there using the same admin acct and card?
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yes try on, and secondly make an appela to them, or else contact me for more solutions that i have made....




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For me what did the trick and helped me get back my ad account was reading about the experiences of an ad agency, who had got banned a number of times, but managed to get all the accounts back. Their tips really worked, as I understand they also had some sources inside FB that gave them this info.

For those interested I will leave the link here

@kylekzn just happened to me. My ad account got blocked :(


I have appealed but it has not moved ahead - any new tips here on how to fix?



Kay Mann, the eCommerce nerd and Bitmoji fan :)

@nasa-prints_com is there any specific tip that stood out? I dont wanna pay $19 unless I see a couple tips for real :'(

Kay Mann, the eCommerce nerd and Bitmoji fan :)
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@Kay_Mann for me the winning "tip" wasn't actually a tip but one of the examples/templates that they had in there. I customized it a bit for my own case and sent it (I think I still got 1 or even 2 rejections before they finally removed the ban).
And they also had good points about how to set things up so in the future you wouldn't need to worry about getting banned, which in my case was even more valuable.


In the end though, it comes down to why you got banned in the first place - this dictates the odds of getting the account back.

Paying 19 usd for expert advice is nothing, personally I've paid so much more for a lot less :D that's just how life is if you're running ecom :D


Paying 19 usd for expert advice is nothing, personally I've paid so much more for a lot less :D that's just how life is if you're running ecom :D


Touché! Along with my FB a/c getting blocked my credit card was also blocked so it was like "double burn!". Hence the hesitation. But yeah, let me try.


Another question: You could post more ads while you were disabled? I am unable to :(

Kay Mann, the eCommerce nerd and Bitmoji fan :)