How to Handle Clothing Size Charts

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If we have various suppliers of clothing who have different size charts for each item of clothing, this can get a bit overwhelming. We're not asking about apps that can handle displaying Size Charts since thats easy to find but wanted to know these questions:

  1. What percentage of women buyers use the size charts, measure themselves and compare? My partner is female and she says she would but from a few other female we've asked most say just go by Small, Medium, Large, etc.
  2. Is there a standard all around size chart to just to kind of cover our bases?
  3. how do you all handle multiple size charts, like if each item of clothing has its own and you plan to list 10s/100s of items?

Again we know about Shopify apps to display size charts, but looking for insight on handling various sizing guides. Thanks again!

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I've seen stores that have had to deal with this problem before. Here are a few suggestions: 


1) Many companies that use different size charts post the size chart as a product image, rather than relying on a site-wide size chart. 

2) Use a review system that allows customers to mark the item as Too Small, Too Big, or Just Right. This will help customers provide feedback on how the garment fits. 

3)Provide some more information in the product description to aid with the sizing. Modcloth does an excellent job of this. They list things like "Fabric does not stretch." or "Item runs small, please size up." These indicators will help keep your customers happy in their selection. 

4) Use influencer marketing and have them review the clothing items to provide extra details about the fit. Using the free Carro app can help you find influencers that could give reviews of your products and provide information about the fit.


I personally use size charts all the time because I am a non-standard shape and it depends on the fit of the garment to determine the size that I need. Always appreciate when companies do the legwork to help me find the right size. 


Hope that helps! Good luck!

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Hey @DRio,


Gabe here from Shopify.


Great question on the importance of size charts and having each product show the corresponding individual size chart. Many clothing items and types have different sizes and lengths and therefore a size chart can really improve the visitor's buying experience. It can also help to reduce returns because with a detailed size chart the buyer is less likely to choose a wrong size, compared to with the options S, M, and L.


As SarahAtCarro already said you can display some very professional looking size charts using apps here.


You can also add size charts using one of our great help guides here.


It's also possible to add code to your product page that assigns a particular size chart to a particular product page via a "call-to-action" button based on tags assigned to each product. When you click the CTA button, it opens up a pop-up size chart created in your pages admin area. But this would require a theme developer.


This would likely require some code editing which could be complex and customized. If you aren't comfortable with coding, it might be best to either look into getting a Shopify expert or our theme support team depending on you are using a Shopify Free Theme or 3rd party theme.


What theme are you using if I may ask?


Let me know if you think you want to go this route and what theme you are using and we can take it from there.


Hope that helps.

Gabe | Social Care @ Shopify

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