How to Revert your Sale Price to Original Price - in Bulk?!

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Hi there,

I have manually updated all my products for an online sale which has since ended. SURELY there is a bulk action in shopify that you can revert to the original 'Compare At' price?? Or do I now also need to go back through all products and varients, remove the sale price and swap it back to the compare at price..?? This seems extremely time consuming and something easily fixed, am I missing something?

Please help!


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Hi Rosie,

             You can check our module, Any Data & Sync . You should download your csv data of your present site, map your origial price column with sale price in the app and import.

before that its etter to take backup of your site with Backup Manager

Good luck for your business.

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To revert the original price from the sale price, work backwards from the equation above.

(Discounted price) = (100 percent - discount percent) x (original price)

In the above example, this equation would read as follows:

$400 = (100 percent - 20 percent) x (original price)

100 percent minus 20 percent is 80 percent, or 0.8. Expressed as an algebraic equation, $400 = 0.8(Y), where Y is the original price. Divide each side by 0.8 to solve for Y. $400 divided by 0.8 equals $500, which is the original price. for more

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My name is Jason, I'm a Guru here at Shopify!

There are two ways in which this can be done. The first I will explain is via the Bulk editor.

Firstly if you go to products > all products within your admin and select all products from the filter on the left (this will select 50 products at a time). 

This will then display the price of your products as well as the compare at price. 
If you highlight the compare at price column you will be able to bulk update the price for all products at once by typing directly into the compare at price for any product. alt

The second option is to bulk export your products via a CSV file seen here and then update the compare at price of all of your products at once.

The main benefit of the second option is that if you have more then 50 products you will be able to update them at once!

Please feel free to let me know, and you can always give us a call or start a live chat at any time. We're open 24/7 for your convenience and always happy to assist!


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I have a super simple solution to this.

Copy-pasteable script. Works in Google Chrome.
+ No installing apps
+ No monthly payments
+ No tutorials or learning to use it
+ No exporting 
+ No Excel

You can pretty much bulk edit prices, discounts, compare at prices how you like:

2021-04-17 00.59.34.gif


You can:
+ Create discounts in bulk. Just add the discount as a percentage.
+ Price -> Compare At Price
+ Compare At Price-> Price 
+ Remove Compare At Price
+ Set all Compare At Price to X

Price — Currently free (April 2021)

If you'd like to try it hit me up beta{at}